Keeping Up Appearances

February 1, 2009


South London crew Keep Up go from strength to strength with the release of their 3rd 7″ this week. Their parties down at The White Horse continue to be the best place to spend a night in Brixton, and with their new 4 deck Serato DJ set up ready to be unleashed on clubs up and down the land those of you with a phobia for travelling south of the Thames will soon have a chance to experience the boys in full effect.

With everyone from Mr Scruff to Toddla-T signing the praises of their first two releases, number 3 in the series sees them take things up another notch or too. Tom Central is back on side a with Kaitain dropping a bass heavy wobbler, guaranteed to cause much shaking of asses on the dancefloor.

On the flip Ave Blaste and Cosmo Lopez drop a syrupy string heavy disco chugger perfect for husband and wife detective teams to listen to as they drive around mountain top roads in their open top sports cars. It’s so goddamn erotic I nearly mounted my colleague in the office the first time I heard it.

Tom Central & Kaitain – Akama

Ave Blaste & Cosmo Lopez – Change The Channel

The 7″ is available now from all good record shops, if you want some 320 MP3s for playing out drop them a line here.

One Response to “Keeping Up Appearances”

  1. Teiresias Says:

    The boys sent me this one over a month ago or so, and I’ve been hammering it on my show and at a couple of the nights I’ve done in Bristol – Akama is a stormer!

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