I Drive The Main Road

February 4, 2009


So here it is, the debut release on our very own record label Hot Pockets. The result of blood, sweat, tears and many an afternoon filling out complicated licensing forms, we are finally utterly delighted to present to you Love Lockdown as performed by Line.

The first of, hopefully, many releases on our little label is a throbbing well oiled man machine remake of Kanye’s best tune to date. Available from the 16th of February in at least several good record stores and direct from us on a beautiful 1 sided translucent red 7″, the physical release is limited to just 300 copies, and housed in a gorgeous hand numbered, full coloured sleeve courtesy of Stem Design.

The observant amongst you will recognise Line’s name from our end of year round-up where we tipped him as ONE TO WATCH, the really on the ball though should already be aware of the bearded wonder.

Native to Nottingham, Neil Wells as he’s more commonly known has been in and out of a number of bands over the years but really began knocking on our conciousness when he ditched his flesh and blood bandmates and replaced them with a variety of synthesizers and flashing buttons.

More usually found over at Uncharted Audio, his debut solo album Hearts is out on the 9th of February and despite being on heavy, heavy rotation for a good few months here still sounds fresh to these ears. Beautifully melancholic electronic music, perfect for both moments of terrifying introspection on sweaty dancefloors and tear lubricated self love in under heated bedsits, it’s tomorrow’s classic today.

Anyway, enough nonsense, below you can stream Line’s cover of Love Lockdown and make your own mind up, (we will put it up for download in a bit). I’m sure I’ll hear snorts of derision from the traditional music industry when I say this but if you like it enough why not consider buying it! It all pays for us to release more wonderful music from other great new artists in even more horribly lavish packaging.

Line – Love Lockdown (Hot Pockets)

Pre-orders are available now from ourselves (£4 +p&p) and those nice folks at Pure Groove.

On the actual day of release we will also be releasing the stems of the track for you all to play around with and remix to your hearts content, how very web 2.0 of us. Keep an eye on the Hot Pockets website for more giveaways and exclusives and remember to sign up to the SF/HP mailing list to be the first IN THE KNOW.

Catch Neil live this weekend (the 6th) at the Liars Club in Nottingham alongside 20JazzFunkGreats, Lovvers, Cowtown and Future Islands, on the 14th at Ginglik in Shepherds Bush and then of course playing with us, Shock Defeat and Crazy P on March 5th at the Islington Academy in London.

12 Responses to “I Drive The Main Road”

  1. posthumanmusic Says:

    love the artwork!

  2. Proper Songs Says:

    approximately 4gazzilion times better than the original.

  3. [inside] Says:

    Absolutely brilliant, not bought a 7″ for ages, this will definitely break that habit.

  4. headphonesex Says:

    Congratulations on the new label Terry ,-)

    Though I still think you should have called it ‘buff hype oh my gosh!’

  5. honicz Says:

    this made my week

  6. co$mo Says:


    shame no instrumental though…

  7. ithinkx Says:

    two of the best covers ever!

  8. KidVector Says:

    I will certainly be purchasing this gorgeous release. Congratulations to all involved!

  9. camoscrawl Says:

    this is quite guid.

  10. fred tectonic Says:

    sexy music innit

  11. andy.dtnl Says:

    artwork is stunning.

    tune is tops as well. I predict big things…

  12. urlaubshits Says:

    this is really good. consider me eager to see what’s coming up next…

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