Yuri Says Relax

February 4, 2009


I’ve been steering clear of record shops the past few weeks, a winning combination of having absolutely no money and my new Xbox has meant for the first time in around 17 years I’ve, temporarily at least, shrugged off vinyl’s crack like grip on me (of course that’s if we don’t count the 300 seven inches I just had pressed up…).

Sadly I have a suspicion I’m about to relapse as, like all the best dealers, the record industry isn’t about to lose one of it’s best customers without a fight and has started tempting me with all manner of R@RE, LIMITED and BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED releases that will no doubt soon have me trying to glue my credit card back together.

If I was a gambling man I’d say right now the one most likely to cause me to fall of the wagon will be a lovely limited edition 7″, called Human Noise out now on Caroline True Records.

Not only does it feature a brace of rather fine remixes by Fred Deakin of two seminal post-punk tracks, Manicured Noise’s ‘Moscow 1980’ and The Human League’s ‘The Dignity of Labour (Pt. 3)‘ but the former Lemon Jelly man and current flag waver for all things balearic has added to the already pretty high desirability factor designing the gorgeous sleeve that holds the 7″s pristine white vinyl.

Honestly there should be laws against this sort of thing.

The Human League “The Dignity of Labour, Part 3”
(Impotent Fury Remix)

Order now from the Caroline True Records website, whilst there you may as well just go and add them to your bookmarks as following this they have another brace of Manicured Noises reworks lined up courtesy of firm Fringe favourites Pocketknife and Cousin Cole. Damn them…

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