February 5, 2009

New Simian Mobile Disco material is soon to surface with the track Synthesise, featuring the vocal croak of their favourtite 70s weirdo Todd Rundgren, preceding a hotly anticipated sophomore album that includes a collaboration with portly crooner Beth Ditto.

How Exciting!

James & Jas Mobile Disco  have always been ones to spot and nurture budding talent – Phantasy Sounds pinups Fan Death will be providing sultry support for the duo at their NME Shockwaves show next Thursday in Caaaaamdahn.

Fun! But we’d rather catch Fan Death along with I-F (!!) and Heartbreak and Ickle Boots at the Cocadisco Valentines night at Corsica Studios.

Further examples of such talent coaxing can be identified in the video for Synthesise being created by fans of Peckham Kate Moross and Alex Bok Bok. Moross of course helps Hearts Revolution sell ice creams in her spare time and Bok Bok is the brains behind ace rowdy London party Night Slugs (as well as the voice of reason with regards to Ugg boots on Grindin)

Because they’re creative souls, Mo Ross and Bok Bok also decided to make some mad limited tee shirts based on the theme of the video which are just lovely as you can see above – I has one and you should to (you get a badge too!)

get your order on son

2 Responses to “Synthesise”

  1. OMG! Todd Rundgren!
    WOW! That’s fucking super cool!


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