What Happens In This Room Stays In This Room

February 9, 2009

The Invisible could be sad they won’t be able to discuss the implications of Big Phil’s sacking with Micachu over a soya latte at Accidental HQ thanks to Rough Trade Records poaching skills.

But no, they look too the Beautiful South for inspiration (don’t we all?) and focus on the release of their self titled debut album, which gets put in front of the general public on March 2nd. The great and the good of the London branch of the music industry (and Team Slutty Fringe) will be cramming themselves into The Social next week to enjoy a pre release party, free drinks and all.

Those of you that fall into this category – See you there!

Those of you that don’t can find solace in this remix of The Invisible track London Girl by Cereal, known to Glaswegians as the singer from 80’s comedy film enthusiasts Dananananakroyd. The Hypem huggers among you will know that fellow Danananananakroyd member Dolby Anol contributed two typically lysergic remixes that sat on the more proactive mp3 blogs last week.

The Invisible – London Girl (Cereal Remix)

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