Cold As Ice

February 12, 2009


Much as you can’t go anywhere in East London these days without tripping over a band from Brooklyn, the inhabitants of Berlin need only throw a wurst up any given street and the chances are it will strike some moody looking British techno producer. And who can blame then, cheap to live in, full of artists bouncing off each other and home to some of the best clubs in the world, as long as you like techno you’re laughing.

In the vanguard of this exodus was Martin Wheeler, known to quality dancefloors worldwide as Vector Lovers. No doubt tired of me asking him to play back rooms of shitty venues for fuck all money, Martin did a runner several years ago and listening to his last few releases it sounds like the move worked out well.

He’s just finished off a remix for icy cool Fringe favourites Ladytron‘s next single ‘Tomorrow’ and their label have been kind enough to ping it over to us to put up. A pulsing slab of polished tech-funk, I imagine it would sound stunning under the flashing ceiling of Watergate or blasting out your car stereo as you night drive round Shinjuku District, a thousand coloured lights reflecting off your chrome bumper. As it is I’m in a cold flat in New Cross and it still sounds great.

The single is released on March 2nd, you may want to consider buying it.

Ladytron – Tomorrow (Vector Lovers Mix)

One Response to “Cold As Ice”

  1. Thanks for the kind words.

    All the best gigs are in the back rooms of shitty venues.

    Bests from Berlin.

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