Bring It Back, That Old New York Rap

February 13, 2009


My uncle went to New York in the seventies, no real reason it just seems he and a mate decided school was a bit boring one day and thought a change of scene would be fun. Apparently the highlight of his week involved being chased out the Bronx by one of the local gangs who took umbrage at these youthful tourists’ presence.

I’ve always liked to think it was none other than Bambaataa himself resplendent in full Zulu headgear who ran him out of the borough, his Black Spades whipping at their heels as they scarpered to safety.

Anyway flights of fancy aside, the Big Apple has always held a special place in my heart. As the birthplace or at least incubator of jazz, disco, hip-hop, punk, electro and a million other briefly shining sub genres that I invest far too much in, it has loomed large in my psyche for some time to the point where any actual visit will probably end only in massive dissapointment.

Still assuming that I could overcome that gloomy mindset and somehow afford more than a Zone 1-2 travelcard then one of my first stops in the city would be Nublu, one of those musical melting pots where musicians from around the world gather to kick the shit out of their instruments in the name of jazz.

The club have their own label too and they’ve just put together a compilation Nublu Dance, which sees buff and indeed hype producers from all over the globe, such as Claude Von Stroke, Brennan Green, Underground Resistance and Christian Prommer, take the razor blade to some of the label and clubs regular artists.

For a taster check out these re-rubs from the oh so London Sinden and the oh so wonderful In Flagranti, after that you may wish to click here to buy the whole album.

Kudu – Let’s Finish (Sinden Remix)

I Led 3 Lives – Curious Red (In Flagranti Mix)

2 Responses to “Bring It Back, That Old New York Rap”

  1. danny viborg Says:

    Great songs – thanks! I hate to take a piss in your morning cereal, but NYC these days is a mere shadow of it’s former grimy glory. I would guess the situation is London is very similar now – the former throbbing heart of the city has been reduced to an amusement park, a Disneyland, and all the interesting fringe culture that used to make the city the best place in the world has been forced to the, well, fringes. I guess San Francisco is also in a very similar situation, but I like to think that the real culture of SF hasn’t been totally decimated, and is merely on life support.

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