I Woke Last Night To The Sound Of Thunder

February 14, 2009


The Last Days Of Disco, the little club with big ideas that I run with Clem and David from Be returns in March, not only is it our first party in 2009 but it also marks the start of our new monthly slot at Bardens. For March we’ve roped in the devil’s own house band Padded Cell for a live set and the wonderful Matt Waites (Nightmoves) to join us on the decks and show off why he’s racking up some serious airmiles these days travelling from club to club around the world.

Our last party back in November, easily stands as my favourite night out in 2008, so to say I’m looking forward to this is a bit of an understatement. Heavy dubbed out disco, gay spacemen and loved up starlets fellating the bus boys, it’s a strong look.

Matt got lost deep in the mix last week and this seems as good a time as any to suggest you join him.

Matt Waites (Nightmoves) – Cable Mix


1. Arcadion – Arc
2. Wild Geese – Who Cares Wins
3. Slimline – If You Can Dance You Can Do It (Inflagranti Edit)
4. James Pants – Dragonslayer
5. Dfd – Dis Our Night
6. Skyy – First Time Around (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
7. Walter Jones – A.I.P. (Filiberto Marmelade Flat Tire Mix)
8. Jackpot – Ragazza
9. Burglar Tom – Is Your Mind Clear
10. Fudge Fingas – Ghost House
11. Paperclip People – Jerry Lewis On Acid (Mayday Mix)
12. Kaos – Flaco Rhythmo
13. Morgan Geist – Detroit
14. Soundstream – Live Goes On
15. Chateau Flight – La Roquette
16. Runaway – Use Me
17. Maserati – The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Mix)
18. Plastique De Reve – Lost In The City
19. Naum Gabo – Evo (Joakim Remix)
20. Dmx Krew – Acid Cow
21. Members Only – Do You Like It?
22. Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks – Shout (L.S.B. Edit)
23. Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Henrik Scwarz Live Edit)
24. Bogdan Irkuk – Jewel Of The Black Sea

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