Acid Is Good For Your Health

February 18, 2009

Whilst Frankmusik’s popstar ambitions hold up the release of Acid Girls EP on Kitsune we get our Acid fix with two mixtapes indeliably marked with the ingenuity of the LA duo.

Exhibit A

Both parts of the Acid Girls entity spend 30 minutes splicing remixes of Health with personal edits for URB magazine

Acid Girls Health Megamix

Exhibit B

The more hirstute part of Acid Girls who responds to shouts of ”Greg” indulges in further adventures far from the dancefloor to generous golf claps from team Slutty Fringe.

Magical Musical Box Mix by Greg Acid Girls

Delia Derbyshire – Air
Skeeter Davis – My Coloring Book
Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)
Ryuchi Sakamoto – Rain
Del Shannon – Magical Musical Box
Robert Wyatt – Memories of You
Tones on Tails – Lions
Autechre – Kalpol Introl
Herman Dune – Smalltown Boy
B.E.F. – B.E.F. Ident
Roxy Music – A Song for Europe
Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt – A Girl in Winter
A Mountain of One – Freefall
Starkey – Time Traveler
Iggy Pop – Tiny Girls
Fleetwood Mac – Although the Sun is Shining
Flayer – Wanna Get Back Your Love
Johnny Harris – Footprints on the Moon
Dorothy Ashby – By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Hildegard Knef – Ich Liebe Dich (DJ Koze Remix)

Magical Musical Box Mix by Greg Acid Girls

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