Lucifer Went To Church

February 19, 2009

Back before hype machine and the gazillion blogsites that feed it in those halcyon days when people got their music news on a monthly basis via the medium of magazine Jockey Slut ruled the roost.

Somehow managing to cover all strands of electronic music each month without having to resort to regurgitated monthly Clubland drug exposes like un-named still (somehow) going rival publications, it was written with irreverent wit and a dash of po facedness and had a profound influence on how we do things here at Slutty Fringe. It was a sad day in May 2004 when it was put to bed by it’s money hungry publishers.

Out of the editorial ashes of Jockey Slut rose Dummy Magazine and that didn’t seemingly last very long either…..

Not so anymore as Dummy has this week risen once again, running with the times as a online news portal akin to Slutty Fringe bookmark FACT and, clearly taking their cue from the Fringe, a record label with the first release Solid Gold by being those blog favourites the Australian merchants of shiney mystery disco The Golden Filter. Not only this but Clouded Vision, Russ Chimes and Mondkopf have been enlisted to remix

Perhaps recognising that the general internet dwelling public is made up of the following:

a) Kids who have no interest in paying for music

b) Digital DJs who quite like nice quality mp3s and don’t mind paying for them

c) Aging vinyl addicts

d) Socially awkward men who smell strangely of scented soap (hmmmm perhaps this is covered under category c)

Dummy have made this first release and it’s splendid remixes  available as free downloads in a quality not condusive to playing in Nightclubs and full quality versions available from industry standard Beatport with the original version on a rather nice looking seven inch available from the Dummy Shop for less than the price of a pint in London.

All these silly words are giving us a a nostalgic hankering for Jockey Slut – sadly in a fit of pique which can be described as almost crazy all back issues were thrown out of Slutty Fringe HQ at some unspecified point in the past, it’s all a bit vague but thankfully the much loved Disco Pogo For Punks In Pumps CD covermount series were saved from this foolhardy cull and are cherished by ears at times when we need to escape whatever may have invaded the Slutty Fringe inbox.

As a wee treat here is one of the many gems from this series, the Hip House remix of Serve It Up by Clyde featuring the vocal dexterity of Capitol A by the missing in action Brooks, perhaps the highlight of the shortlived Hip House revival that stuck around for a month or two much earlier this decade.

Clyde Feat. Capitol A – Serve It Up (Brooks Hip House Remix)

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