What Better Way?

February 22, 2009

Glasgow is becoming quite the breeding ground for epic disco cosmicness. Y’all know about Optimo’s love for the disco (We’re very excited for the forthcoming Den Haan stuff on Optimo Recordings and are quite giddy about Twitch’s edit of Bronski Beat under his Alexandre Parade nom de plume on Autodiscotheque) The Revenge/Ooft camp have been rightly getting props from all the good people over the last twelve months and joining them in garnering feverous attention amongst the disco glitterati is the Solardisco imprint.

Only two releases deep, both coming from the musical mind of Maelstrom, who also records for Eskimo and caused quite a stir witth his edit of Metro Area last year, the next release will be How We Lustre from Boston producer Brenden Wesley and is backed with remixes from such luminaries as Runaway and Nick Chacona. Also included is a nice discohouse chugger of a remix from Barca based DJ/producer John Barera which can be heard here.

Brenden Wesley – How We Lustre (John Barera Remix)

One Response to “What Better Way?”

  1. bramo Says:

    by barca, he must mean chinatown.

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