4am Eternal

March 6, 2009

So I’m just trying out my disco moves in front of the mirror and the phone rings, turns out that Bardens where we’re doing our little disco party tonight have just scooped a 4am licence. Bonus, I think before realising I’ll need to hump an extra 2 hours worth of vinyl around town all day.

Anyway just in case you have no idea what I’m on about here are the deets…

Friday 6th March – 9PM till 4AM

The Last Days Of Disco
Bardens, 36-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16
Padded Cell (DC Recordings) – Live!
Matt Waites (Nightmoves)
Slutty Fringe
David H


David my co-‘Last Days of Disco’-conspirator has also been busy messing around in his studio and has offered up a couple of choice items for your downloading pleasure.

First up is a nice edit of the mighty Cerrone’s Supernature. One of the first decent disco records I ever bought this back in… ooooh let me think about ’93 or something, I was flicking through the racks in my local charity shop and was struck by the sheer brutal ugly weirdness of the sleeve. Figured it had to be worth 50p and damn was I right.

Anyway David has fattened up the bass a touch, injected a little beef into the synths and quantized the drums (I think that’s the correct term… probably not), importantly though he’s still left in the odd pop and crackle for that proper dusty vinyl feel.

Cerrone – Supernature (Last Days Edit)

Whilst grabbing that you may also want to get your mitts on this tasty little mix he’s put togther, if you get down early tonight you’ll be able to get a CD on with this and a more doped up Balearic effort by me, otherwise just point your mouse at the link below and go click.

David H – Last Days Of Disco Mix

Chromatics – Hands in The Dark
Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong
Woolfy – Oh Missy (Whatever/Whatever Mix)
Babytalk – Keep On Move
Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (LSB Mix)
Pilooski – Untitled
Cerrone – Supernature (Last Days Edit)
Moodymann – Freeki Muthafucker
Raw Silk – Do It to The Music (Dub)

You can of course also catch David playing every Saturday alongside yours truly at Proud in Camden, as he also runs the marvellous Be night. They’ve just spruced their website up and added loads of footage from the recent nights so have a look and wonder why with the place full of stunners they let me ugg it up each week. This Saturday the roll call of hot young things also includes Collapsing Cities, Post War Years and one of my personal favourites David Sugar.

One Response to “4am Eternal”

  1. Rekanize Says:

    naw, “quantized” works just fine to describe fixing the drums in that way.

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