A Rust For Life

March 9, 2009

In a previous less musically snobby incarnation as an illustrator, the Doves albums were high on the office playlist and played no small part in smoothing the daily vectorisation process.

All parts of me have moved on since then and the glum Mancunian dirge would most likely cause my ears to vomit if such a thing was possible.

Golf Claps all round then for Prins Thomas and his typically splendid low slung instrumental discomiks of Kingdom Of Rust, one of the comeback effort from Doves.

Doves – Kingdom Of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Instrumental)

Further Doves Remixology as done by electroclash cognoscenti Glimmers and Playgroup out end of March for the vinyl heads or now for digital google school graduates

POST EDIT: The blog dudes at NME have a awesome remix of Kingdom Of Rust by DFA alumni Still Going (though Hepburn and Bambi doing grocery shopping trumps three dour Mancunians in Dinner Jackets)

Doves – Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going Mix)

2 Responses to “A Rust For Life”

  1. mav27 Says:

    Don’t diss Doves, man! They’re the best thing going.

    Switch off U2’s latest dreck, and give the boys from Manchester another listen.

  2. […] remixes come care of Slutty Fringe and […]

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