A Little Something

March 10, 2009

In musical terms two things that perhaps excite Team Slutty Fringe the most are In Flagranti and RVNG vinyl so it’s full on chubby time round here with the news that RVNG OF THE NRDS Vol. 8 as curated by In Flagranti is due for release imminently.

Lovingly wrapped in the sort of screen printed cover art that budding record label owners wished they could match, In Flagranti throw up a double shot of bourbon soaked rock n’ rollers, a dash of white boy dirge funk and of course a smidgen of martian discoid lovliness.

Order now from the RVNG shop or wait it out at Piccadilly or Phonica.

Of course next month also sees the release of In Flagranti’s new album Brash & Vulgar on Codek which is just as exciting for us and it should be for you.

Let’s indulge in some appetite whetting with one of the edit’s from In Flagranti’s recent Sounds Superb compilation which should be purchased as a matter of necessity.

In Flagranti – Scala Disco

One Response to “A Little Something”

  1. chrishanaka Says:

    sick jam, like everything y’all post, thanks for sharing!

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