The Future Hides It’s Face

March 12, 2009

The words Higamos and Hogamos  conjures up images of a nasty wart like infection from the Victorian ages you might have picked up after an ill advised night of romantic entanglement with a brazen hussy.

The music of new DC Recordings artists Higamos Hogamos is thankfully the aural equivalent of something a whole lot nicer, bridging the gap betwixt the two rocks Glam and Kraut effortlessly.

get your outer disco and inner dubbyness on with  remixes of HH from bloggerati Michael Moonlight and Le Emperor Machine respectively.

Higamos Hogamos – Major Blitzkrieg (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

Higamos Hogamos – Infiinty Plus One (Emperor Machine Dub Instrumental)

Hold onto your braces for the release of Higamos Hogamos’ self titled debut album on the 23rd March 2009 whilst trying not to cock a snoop at the current vogue for bands to abandon any attempt to engage their collective imagination and conjure up an original album title.

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