The Light Fantastic

March 19, 2009


Well there were many things I expected to do when I embarked on a career as a blogger, a mother and daughter combo for instance, but certainly never in my sweatiest fantasies would I have expected to write the following words… Go and buy the new Oasis single, it’s great.

Now before my gold plated membership card to the blogging inner circle is shredded, let me at least say that in my defence I’m just referrring to the epic 22 minute mix by former Future Sound of London types Amorphous Androgynous.

Sprawling, psychedelic and probably fulfilling every last Beatles wet dream Noel Gallagher has left, AA have layered the track in sitars, drones and tones, ramped up the standard edition ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ drums and extended the track into infinity (well 22 minutes).

All we need now is a Beyond The Wizards Sleeve edit of the remix to strip out the last remaining vestiges of the Brothers Grim and we’d have a potential single of the year on our hands.

Anyone even slightly tempted by all this should also without delay grab a copy of last year’s mix CD, the snappily titled ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind Volume 1 – Cosmic Space Music’. Easily one of my favourite mixes from the past twelve months.

The other track that has taken me aback this week is the new effort from The Horrors, ‘Sea Within A Sea’. They’ve just stuck a video up on their website and frankly it’s amazing, like watching Joy Division evolve into New Order into blissed out Ecstacy munchers in the space of one song.

I must have played it about 20 times in the past day and it just sounds better every time. Someone please extend the last section of this for another 22 minutes.

Right after all that a quick plug for this weekend’s Be, once again I shall be manning the decks and filling in the gaps in between bands like Heartbreak, Portasound and Bombay Bicycle Club. This week joining myself and David H in the cramped confines of the DJ booth will be Firas, whose Filthy Few podcast is all kinds of good.

Don’t just take my word for it though, he’s just sent over his latest mix, which you can grab from the link below.

Firas – March Mixtape

Tracklisting :
The Golden Filter – Solid Gold (Clouded Vision Remix)
Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
The BPA – Seattle (Crazy P Remix)
Solo – Congoloid
Frank Music – Better Off With Fan Death
Den Haan – Night Shift
White Lies – Farewell To The Fairground (Rory Philips Remix)
Miike Snow – Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)
La Roux – In For The Kill (Doesn’t Sound Like Skreams Remix)
Kano – It’s War (Serge Santiago Remix)
Zombie Disco Squad – Eurovision
Popof – Serenity (Noob Remix)

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