Pick A Trick

March 24, 2009

Housewives favourite DJ wrongtom aired his ten minute All Time Top 100 mix on Xfm show The Remix last weekend which does exactly what it says on the tin, cramming some 100 tracks into ten minutes putting to shame those DJs amongst us that prefer the drawn out segue between tracks.

Being the nice sort, Thomas gave Slutty Fringe the download dibbs on the mix and also agreed to add his nominations to the hallowed Favourite Musical Haircuts feature which are more considered than some previous participants.

1. Papoose:

These guys were pretty special as individuals but like a barbershop Voltron they formed one of the most glorious hair bands to ever grace the music industry. Looking like a curious combination of Bowie, Eno and Kiss featuring a War song in French and gate-fold cover with pics of them having their hair done “Les Amants Outangs Moi Tarzan Et Toi Jane” was, as Howard Scott might say ‘slept on,’ which is exactly why Papoose deserve their Keratin crown more than most.

2. David Hinds (Steel Pulse):

In 50 years the dread-lock has gone from being one of the most majestic and often fearsome of styles to a vehicle for upsetting your parents when you come home after your first semester at uni. Tarquin and his rosy-cheeked peers probably wouldn’t be familiar with the term blanket dread but it marks a distinction between conviction and “going up Camden to get my dreads done,” and no one did the blanket better than David Hinds who went from sporting the tree of life in the 70’s to tying a beach ball sized lock to his head last time I saw him.

3. Dez Dickerson (The Revolution):

Prince and entourage have ever been a source for great moments in hair, a high point being the cover of his eponymous album featuring a soft bouf and moustache combo offset on the back by riding naked on a Pegasus. Some however may have noticed the quiet confidence of Dickerson’s luscious locks in the Revolution days, coming off like the Prince Regent of sex-funk. If you missed it Citinite released his excellent “Modernaire” single last year having sat on a shelf for 25 years

4 Howard Scott (War):

We can trace the use of ‘slept on’ in black music to the release of “The World Is A Ghetto.” I often wonder what Scott got up to the previous night as he scowls at the camera next to his fresh faced band mates.

5. Kid Rock:

Years before he was sound-tracking date rapes and murdering the already long-dead Lynyrd Skynyrd, young Rock was working with BDP affiliates and chipping away at the ozone in an attempt to give Kid N Play a run for their money in the hi-top stakes. Like Judd Nelson in New Jack City but one louder.

DJ Wrongtom – All Time 100 Mix

mahoosive tracklist after jump

Dj Wrongtom “All Time Top 100”

1. BDP “Remix For The P Is Free” (B-Boy)
2. KRS One “Come To Da Party” (Jive)
3. LL Cool J “It Gets No Rougher” (Def Jam)
4. Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Geno” (EMI)
5. DJ Zinc “Super Sharp Shooter” (Ganja Kru)
6. St Etienne “Mario’s Cafe” (Heavenly)
7. Michael Peace “It’s Wrong” (Reunion)
8. Paul McCartney “Oh Woman Oh Why” (Apple)
9. Jeru The Damaja “Come Clean” (Payday)
10. Rodney P “Riddim Killa” (Riddim Killa)
11. Blak Twang “So Rotten” (Bad Magic)
12. Mighty Two “Calico Suit” (Lightning)
13. Poet & The Roots “It Dread Inna Inglan” (Virgin)
14. Beck “Where It’s At (Remix by Unkle) (Geffen)
15. Wildski “Wonderful World” (Arista)
16. Gunshot “Bullets Entering Chest” (Vinyl Solution)
17. Grand Master Flash “The Message” (Antidote)
18. Dj C “Let It Billie” (Scandal Bag)
19. Camp Lo “Luchini (Brinks Remix)” (white)
20. B52’s “52 Girls” (Warner Bros)
21. Restiform Bodies “Recycle America” (Weapon Shaped)
22. Wuf Ticket “Ya Mama” (Profile)
23. Kate Nash “Foundations” (Fiction)
24. The Nextmen “Blood Fire” (Antidote)
25. The Beepers “Video Fever” (Polydor)
26. Infinite Livez ft Alpha Pryme “Spade invaders” (Big Dada)
27. Beyonce “Irreplaceable” (Columbia)
28. Lone Ranger “Rosemarie” (Black Joy)
29. Overlord X “They Can’t Handle It” (Mongo Street)
30. Sigue Sigue Sputnik “Love Missile F-11” (Parlophone)
31. Mutabaruka “Dub Poem” (Sananchie)
32. Sandy Nelson “Let There Be Drums” (Imperial)
33. BDP “My Philosophy” (Jive)
34. Pablo & Fay “Bedroom Mazurka” (Trojan)
35. Roots Manuva “Buff Nuff” (Big dada)
36. Fun Boy 3 “T’aint what you do…” (Chrysalis)
37. Wrongtom “Wrong Teng” (white)
38. Geno Washington “Different Strokes” (Marble Arch)
39. Bryce Bond “8th Avenue Hideaway” (Strand)
40. Depth Charge “Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox” (Silver Fox)
41. Depth Charge “Depth Charge” (Vinyl Solution)
42. DC Basehead “Hair” (Imago)
43. King Tubby Stalac 80″ (Clocktower)
44. Dj Deekline & Red Polo “Bam Bam (Hot Cakes)
45. Masters Of illusion “Bronx Bay Bridge” (Rapster)
46. Aswad “Warrior Charge” (Mango)
47. Killer Mike “Akshon (Yeah)” (CBS)
48. Prince Paul “Beautifully Absurd” (Antidote)
49. Beatie Boys “Get It Together” (Grand Royal)
50. Tenor Saw “Fever” (Youth promotion)
51. Skeme “Uk Bubblers” (Titan Sounds)
52. Fun Boy 3 “The Telephone Always Rings” (Chrysalis)
53. Blondie “Heart Of Glass” (Chrysalis)
54. BDP “The Bridge Is Over” (B-Boy)
55. Laurie Anderson “O Superman” (Warner Bros)
56. The Clash “Hitsville UK” (CBS)
57. Dr Alimantado “Poison Flower” (Greensleeves)
58. Jimmy Castor Bunch “Troglodyte” (RCA)
59. The Time “Release It” (Paisley Park)
60. no artist “Greenwich Pips” (BBC)
61. Mutabaruka “Dis Poem” (Sananchie)
62. Bryce Bond “Bachelor Apartment” (Strand)
63. The Go Go’s “Cool Jerk” (IRS)
64. BDP “South Bronx” (B-Boy)
65. Ricardo Ray “Cool jerk” (Charly)
66. Young MC “The Fastest Rhyme” (Delicious Vinyl)
67. Anthony Redrose “Tempo” (Firehouse)
68. Kaiser Chiefs “Everyday I Love You Less And Less” (B Unique)
69. OMD “Enola Gay” (Dindisc)
70. Fat Boys “The Twist (Buffapella)” (Tin Pan Alley)
71. Kingston Trio “O Ken Karanga” (Capitol)
72. Dj Assault “Ass & Titties 2001” (Intuit Solar)
73. Anti Pop Consortium “Dead In Motion” (Warp)
74. The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian” (CBS)
75. Felix Da Housecat “What Does It feel Like” (City Rockers)
76. no artist “Nights Of Love In Lesbos” (Fax)
77. Busta Rhymes “Touch It” (Interscope)
78. Cornelius “Count 5 Or 6” (Matador)
79. Outkast “Hey Ya” (Arista)
80. Method Man “Release Yo Delf” (Def Jam)
81. Dj Shadow “Midnight In A Perfect World (Gab Mix)” (Mo Wax)
82. Bill Withers “Better Off Dead” (A&M)
83. Ingrid Schroeder “Bee Charmer (Muggs Mix)” (Magnet)
84. Galliano “Slack Hands (Aphex Mix)” (Talkin Loud)
85. KRS One “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know” (Jive)
86. Sam Sever What’s That Sound?” (Mo Wax)
87. Miles Davis “Blow” (Warner Bros)
88. Jefferson Starship “Rock Music” (Grunt)
89. Chakachas “Jungle Fever” (Avco)
90. Jimmy McGriff “Bird Wave” (Blue Note)
91. Tom Jones “Looking Out My Window” (Parrot)
92. Atlantic Ocean “Jaws” (Atlantic)
93. Martin C Herberg “Imporvisation” (Homegrown Remedies)
94. Red Foxx “Shot Face” (Laff)
95. Sandals “We Wanna Live” (Acid Jazz)
96. Martin C Herberg “Paint It Black” (Homegrown Remedies)
97. Grand Funk Railroad “Mark Says Alright” (Capitol)
98. The Clash “Janie Jones” (CBS)
99. Miles Davis “Well You Needn’t” (Columbia)
100. Richard Pryor “Wino & Junkie” (Partee)

18 Responses to “Pick A Trick”

  1. peeps11 Says:


  2. […] my All Time Top 100 mix I can now announce that there’s a free MP3 care of the nice folks at Slutty Fringe who’ve also got me to submit my top 5 hairstyles in music. There’s also some after […]

  3. Dennis Hupla Says:

    Very interesting tracklist, thanks for this!

  4. no Says:


  5. ryan Says:

    always nice to hear people use computer equipment to mix shit together. i mean, does anyone spin vinyl anymore? i’m so sick of all kinda crap like this. wow, it’s really hard to mix shit when you use programs that do it for you. this is stupid. goodbye crappy blogs. and crappy techno. i long for the day when people like josh wink and george acosta get their true due.

  6. ryan Says:

    plus, just because you use the “1, 2, 3, 4” from outkast “hey ya” DOES NOT mean that you “mixed” it into your set. this sucked balls. i bet you hang out with ‘girl talk’ and ‘ludichrist’ don’t you?

  7. wrongtom Says:

    well it definitely said “outkast” on the record as i “mixed” it in

    and i don’t hang out with girl talk, they don’t like me cos i still play vinyl

  8. herse Says:


    yeah I hate crappy digital computer DJs like you Thomas. I bet you think ‘digging’ is something you do in the garden with a spade.


  9. wrongtom Says:

    i thought it was a TLC song, can’t be sure though – only got the mp3

  10. Damn Wrongtom – why wont you play some proper techno like the Josh Winks (he did that higher state tune)and George?!?!?

    i bet you just did this on your iphone on the bus.

  11. kingcannibal Says:

    needs more vinyls

  12. Robot Man AIDS Says:

    Ryan – i think the fact it sort of mentions there’s a 100 tracks in 10 minutes should have gave you a slight inclinking of what this mix might be before you had listened to it…
    As for does anyone spin vinyl anymore?
    Well Josh Wink doesn’t…

  13. big hairy monster Says:

    Ryan, can I kiss you please

  14. @Ryan. why don’t you suck my Intel processed balls, you anally retarded cunt.

  15. KidVector Says:

    Blimey, leave a few tracks for the rest of us! *grabbing*

  16. honicz Says:

    i know i’m late but thank you very much for this potential mix of the year!



  17. MistaTwist Says:

    Ryan: You are a twat. Please remove yourself from the gene pool, or at least go and watch Tom do his thing on the decks, he’s an awesome DJ, so until you actually know who and what you are talking about:


    Mixes can be compositions; mashups, pastiches, whatever you want to call em.

  18. […] Akira The Don – 210 tracks 2. Wizard – 204 tracks 3. Wrongtom – 100 tracks [download] 4. Stereo:Type – 64 tracks 5. Slyde – 54 tracks :Akira The Don, Deekline & […]

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