Mixed Bag

April 2, 2009


Organisation has never exactly been my strong point. Tonight for example whilst Tony, who can use a diary, is off being schmoozed and plied with booze by the Radio 1 press team, I am sat at home with the cats attempting to digest a rather rotten M&S chicken korma.

Anyway a night in should in theory give me a chance to make a dent in the… christ almighty… 763 unopened emails sat menacingly in my inbox at the moment. With my tolerance for badly produced fidget house at an all time low though the chances are I might just give up and start a new email account rather than risk losing what little interest I have in left in music.

But faint heart ne’er won fair MP3 so let’s roll up the sleeves and see what lurks within.

First out the bag we have a remix from the NYC duo WhateverWhatever of sometime Rong/DFA artist Wolfy. Now this is a pretty good start, if we carry on like this not only will it be a fairly painless evening but I wont need to buy a record for the next 6 months.

A solid jacking house beat, throbbing bassline, 303 bleeps, and those synth cowbells that just sound so good at 3 in the morning, yes indeed this will sit nicely in many a set, props to Carmine for the hook-up, if they’re all going to be this good we’re laughing.

Wolfy – Oh Missy (WhateverWhatever Remix)

Right what’s next, let’s see… Aha new Dizzee Rascal. Bit of a strange one, on first listen it sounds like an accapella being dropped over some blog standard electro track. Pretty sure this will kill it in a club, though whether it’s a bit too hardcore for the pop charts will remain to be seen.

Anyway I probably shouldn’t put this up, but if you can use a browser then it should take you about 30 seconds to find it, go make your own mind up.

Hmmm, let’s find something I can post… OK, here we go, The Beatmaniac and Robophil with some club bangers straight outta Germany. We’ll skate past the slightly dodgy artist names and instead focus on the metallic rave stabs and piledriver drums. Nothing subtle or sophisticated here, but this is music to pummel dancefloors into submission with.

The Beatmaniac and Robophil – Go Club

The Beatmaniac and Robophil – Bright Lite

Right we’re steaming through this inbox now, only 740 more to go!

Oh god I’ve just hit a rich and deep seam of really crappy female fronted chart friendly electro, this is making me want to cut off ears. Do these people have no shame? And in the space of writing that 3 more emails have appeared in my inbox, this is like painting the Forth Bridge.

If I’m ever going to break the back of this I’m going to need to do something dramatic, I’m going to have to open one of the roughly 200 emails I have with tracks by Don Diablo within. I’m not sure whether it’s the name or the ultra slick picture on MySpace but I’ve been wary of exposing my ears to these tracks for a while now, but here goes.

Don Diablo – Stand Up For Me, Myself and I

Hmmmm, I don’t know, not really my bag but I can see why he’s being tipped for big things. Actually I was expecting a hell of a lot worse, it’s well produced, and listening to a couple more of his tracks it reminds me of a slightly more commercial Bird Peterson, I’m sure it would go down a storm in the kind of clubs that I don’t go to (you know like popular ones).

I’ve just seen he’s on the cover on DJ mag this week so I’m sure the vast amount of money he’ll make this year will make up for any disappointment he might experience at not getting the full Fringe seal of approval.

OK, next up The Ropes… a quick word to the wise, street teamers if you’re going to describe something as sounding like The Knife meets Chromatics, it better not actually sound like the soundtrack to a teary moment from Dawsons Creek, I will just blacklist your email address.

Right this is more like it, a new EP from Zinc. The mix we posted a few weeks ago was a bit of a hit with you lot and the 4 tracks on this EP should go down just as well with those that like a bit of dubstep wobble with their electro/house beats.

Actually the track I’m going to post, Submarines, is the least representative of the package, being more like some sonar enabled aquatic rave track, it reminds me a mispent youth staring at lazers in warehouses so gets the nod.

DJ Zinc – Submarines

Next up are Fringe favourites Man Like Me, with a late nineties UKG styled track London Town. I’ve had some right arguments about this lot with various people, but I still maintain they are the missing link between The Specials and Shut Up and Dance.

As ever there’s a hell of a lot more going on with this track than is first evident, either that or I’ve just really deluded myself. Let’s go for the former. The video is below and they’ve sent us a medley of all the various mixes (from the likes of JME, Foamo, Dances With White Girls, Pesk etc etc) perfect for miming along on the crossfader to, Bo!

Man Like Me – London Town (Remix Megamix)

Hmmmm, what do we have left worth posting… Aha! Kotchy, I posted a couple of his tracks a few weeks ago and lo and behold a few more have turned up and this time he’s making Empire of The Sun presentable for the dancefloor.

If you like this then there’s a new EP (with remixes from The Chap, Hrdvision and Debruit) and an album out soon, check Civil Music‘s website for the latest details.

Empire of the Sun – We are the People (Kotchy Remix)

Right my ears are about to die and to be honest I’ve made a barely noticeable dent in this inbox. I think I can bare just one more before I seek solace in a few games of Call of Duty… What shall it be, ok well I’m slightly intrigued by the idea of the Bee-Gees and Max Tundra sampling ‘It Begins’ by Blac Waldo.

Blac Waldo – It Begins

Yep that’ll do the trick, my critical faculties are shot to shit right now but I’ll give that one a pass.

Right I’m going to bed.

One Response to “Mixed Bag”

  1. brilliant post. i got the same email from the ropes street team – and was kinda excited too when i read the band’s descriptor….but excitement soon gave way to disappointment. “teary moment from dawson’s creek” is a spot-on descriptor!

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