Square Pegs

April 15, 2009


So some new tracks from Circlesquare dropped through the virtual postbox this week and got me all a flutter. Sadly though this was mainly because my booze pickled brain had got them mixed up with Soft Circle, who have been doing strange things to my pleasure centre recently.

Still after my initial dissapointment I soon returned to my previous state of mild euphoria upon noticing those magic words – Juan Maclean Remix, bracketed after the track title. W00t, as people are prone to say on the internet. As an extra bonus it came packaged with another remix courtesy of the heroically gallic Anoraak, whom I shared a bill with a couple of months ago and made me laugh no end.

Digging deeper it would appear  Circlesquare are no slouches even when rolling solo, part of that ever growing communtiy of button pushers self exiled to Berlin, they have just toured with Metronomy and is about to set off again soon with those other fringe favourites Junior Boys. Now if you’re going to judge someone by their friends, that’s pretty good company to keep.

The tracks below originally hail from the album ‘Songs about Dancing and Drugs’ you may wish you investigate more about that kind of thing here.

Circlesquare – Hey You Guys (Juan Maclean Remix Edit)

Circlesquare – Dancers (Anoraak & Russ Chimes Remix)

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