Objects & Their Purpose

April 19, 2009

Those experts in throbbing smacked out horror core electronica known to the more discerning corners of the internet and style magazines as Salem continue apace their world tour of boutique record labels.

Following highly regarded releases on Vancouver’s Acephale and our fave London label Merok, fledgling Tokyo imprint Big Love are next to dip their toes into the murky waters of paranoid noise Salem conspire to create with an seven inch EP of mad limited proportions (300 for the world)

Salem – OhK

3 Responses to “Objects & Their Purpose”

  1. Natry Says:

    Yo, just wanted to drop you a note to say how wicked your blog is. . . . I love the way you drop a little teaser & musical insight and leave the rest to the reader; letting them discover the music for themselves . . . . . That’s always been my favourite way to find new tunes and it so rewarding when you find a little gem!!!

    Actually, off the back of this BLOG I checked out Salem, too dark WAY too dark! You summed it up with, “throbbing smacked out horror core electronica” !?! but I did check out Big Love and turned to Geneva Jacuzzi, which was a real treat . . . Synth, electric keyboards and I’m sure there some fun with a crazy 80’s drum machine in there!

    Also, Dolby Anol – f*cking awesome . . . not sure why, but never put the Kings of Leon remix to the artist and checked them out . . . now have though! joy!

    Anyways just starting out on this blogging malarky and wanted to show some appreciation to someone doing it right in the thick of a lot of other not-so-fab blogs.

    Laters Natry x

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    thanks for the kinds words Natry

  3. […] Download here (Slutty Fringe) […]

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