The Best Things In Life Are Free…

April 22, 2009


Well hopefully you should already be aware that this Friday we’re back at Cargo for one of our own parties, and even if I do say so myself I think we’ve done ourselves proud with this one.

Just in case you’ve had your blinkers on let’s have a look at what you’re going to get for the zero price of admission. Playing live on the night we have My Tiger My Timing, Portasound, Line and Band of Skulls, not bad you might be thinking and you know what you’d be right.

But that’s not enough, oh no no, so joining TP and myself in the DJ booth we have the incredible Heartbreak, and frankly one of the best DJs I’ve seen over the past couple of years, Andy Blake.

Now let’s see that in easy to digest note form.

24th April – 7pm till 3am
Slutty Fringe loves Free Fridays!
, Rivington Street, EC2A

Live: My Tiger My Timing, Portasound, Line, Band of Skulls
DJs: Heartbreak, Andy Blake, Slutty Fringe

Why not have a little taster of what you can expect, here’s My Tiger My Timing and Portasound in action.

One Response to “The Best Things In Life Are Free…”

  1. Band Of Skulls were amazing!!! You should have a video up for them too: Was great to see a crowd chanting for more instead of just polite clapping after the set. Can’t wait till they play here again 😀

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