Burning Like Fire

April 23, 2009


It’s been a long strange journey for Seed Records, from their early days throwing raves in disused tube stations to the label’s current incarnation under the stewardship of Bruce McClure one thing has remained consistent and that’s the quality of their releases.

Since the release of 2008’s Seed Record Volume 2, the label’s output has become even more eclectic with releases ranging from  gorgeous packaged pastoral electronica of Sleeps With Oysters to the deathsexdisco of Antoni Maiovvi‘s ‘Electro Muscle Cult‘.

Fresh for 2009 they’re back with another new discovery, this time the no wave reboot of East Moline’s Eyes. Debut full length ‘Night Eyes‘ is released on Seed in June, till then introduce yourselves to them with the rough and ready freakbeat of ‘We Are The iiEyes’.

Eyes – We Are The iiEyes

One Response to “Burning Like Fire”

  1. Jake Says:

    Love this band! Their live shows are crazy!

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