Special K

April 23, 2009

La Roux are pretty much nailed on to win the media obsessed SynthFemBot 09 race relatively early with the underwhelmin In For The Kill tipped by those who get sent mid week charts to go to number one in the charts no one cared really about after Top Of The Pops got cancelled – thanks mostly to Radio One’s obsession with what is really a tepid remix by Skream.

Meanwhile FACT Magazine have done their best to sabotage the good ship Little Boots with a rather mean summation of little Hesketh’s debut opus – fans of Twitter and Little Boots will know the bottle blonde imp has been brushing it off nonchalantly and perfecting her tourist look in Paris.

Golf claps to Yes Sir We Can Disco Duo Fan Death for providing a welcome distraction at Slutty Fringe HQ from the above and the fact there’s a lack of A/C in the office with both news of their impending debut European tour which takes in a worryingly pedestrian looking Vice party in our London and a rather nice little cover of 80s standard Goodbye Horses from Q Lazarus

Fan Death – Goodbye Horses

Providing one of today’s many highlights on Grindin was Trash Menagerie scribe Audio Pimpstress contention that Q Lazarus’ voice screams transgender serial killer.  For evidence check the Krikor edit of the original from a few years back

Q Lazarus – Goodbye Horses (Krikor Edit)

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