Cosmic Omelette

May 6, 2009


The Emperor Machine‘s debut album ‘Aimee Tallulah is Hypnotised’ easily rates as my favourite ‘Delia Derbyshire Does Disco’ record of the past few years.

5 years of being treated like a red headed step child though has sadly left my vinyl copy virtually unplayable, so it was with great joy that I ripped open the jiffy bag on my desk this morning to find a copy of the Machine’s new opus ‘Space Beyond The Egg’.

Two complete listens in and I’m happy to say the new effort is easily the equal of all that has gone before.

From opening track The Frontist’s synthesizers at the dawn of time, through to You Clapper’s gamma burst of Jupiter funk, ‘What’s In The Box’s Cyberman stomp,  the Can-esque ‘What You Want’ and the bubbling outro of ‘Not None’ this is pure cosmic quality.

‘Space Beyond The Egg’ is released on the 1st June, I would suggest you buy both it and the special limited edition album of alternate versions ‘Space Beyond The Egg – The Embryo’, that will follow.

The Emperor Machine – You Clapper

Going to show just what a ridiculously good label DC are these days the package also contained a new EP from Arcadion ‘Fly Vision’, 3 tracks of raw robo funk, like Bootsy soundtracking an x-rated version of Wall-E.

It’s so fresh we’re not allowed to share it just yet but you’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks for its release, till then wrap your ears around this track from the last Arcadion EP.

Arcadion – Arc

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