I Want To Be A Modernaire

May 7, 2009


Currently making our music radar ping like a bad prop in a WWII film are Manchester’s Modernaire.

Just two EPs into their career they’ve already caught the ears and imaginations of plenty of people who like to call themselves tastemakers.

It’s easy to see why though, with their jerky hard edged synthpop, twisted tales of bloody revenge, lovelorn minotaurs, dancing vampires and flamboyant adventures and some quality fringe action going on, they’re a guaranteed hard on for today’s A&R man looking for his own crossover SMASH.

Plus with two girls in the band, my maths reckon they could easily have La Roux or Little Boots if it came to blows.

If you’re in London this weekend you can catch them playing live on Saturday at Be‘s weekly boondoggle in Camden.

Completing the bill are Ghostly International’s pop sensation Deastro and the long gone John Peel approved Norwegians Love Is All whose jangly post-punk is well worth the admission price alone.

Follow this link for cheap guestlist.

Modernaire – Bloodshed In The Woodshed

Empire Of The Sun (Modernaire Mix)

Love Is All – Rumours

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