Uptown, Downtown, Turn the Beat Around Town

May 11, 2009

So I woke up today another year older but judging by the savage hangover none the wiser. Still any lingering effects from 10 hours of solid boozing were soon forgotten when it turned out my wonderful girlfriend has finally had enough of my moaning and booked us a week in New York.

So this is it, after nearly two decades of pining I’ll finally be able to trade in this t-shirt for the real thing. Now this is where you come in, much as I’d love to hear how shit NY is these days what I’d really like is the inside scoop on interesting stuff to do next week (between the 20th and 26th).

Similarly since I’ll be over there, and I have a feeling it wont be that regular an occurrence, if anyone has a party going on and wants a Slutty Fringe DJ to come and rock the spot drop me a line HERE.

4 Responses to “Uptown, Downtown, Turn the Beat Around Town”

  1. peter pleasurecruise Says:

    No gigs to offer up … but a suggestion for a fun mid-week party. Bang! is every Wednesday at 105 Rivington between Essex and Ludlow. It’s Eli Escobar’s night, and it’s focus in on house, disco and all things vinyl. Makes for a damn solid Wednesday night.

  2. h0tsauce Says:

    cheers Peter, sounds good.

    yeah probably bit late notice to get any/many gigs, but good to find out about some of the less obvious parties going on.

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