Let’s Not Say Goodbye

May 15, 2009


Ever since I played supermarket sweep at a PR company’s office the other month, Au Revoir Simone‘s new album ‘Still Light, Still Night’ has been making my morning commute just that little bit less mind numbingly awful (6 zones… beat that).

With their vintage synths, metronomic beats and ethereal singing, the trio’s music swaddles the listener like a hit of good ether. If you’ve yet to thief it off the internets you too will be able to wrap yourself in it next week when it finally arrives in shops via Moshi Moshi (and Our Secret Record Co. in the US).

Au Revoir Simone – All or Nothing

2 Responses to “Let’s Not Say Goodbye”

  1. t Says:

    If there was a zone 7, i work in z 1, i’d be in it. Cheers for your contributions to making my commute less shit though.

  2. The Niallist Says:

    fkn hell! 6 zones? hard core!

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