The Perfect Sin

May 15, 2009


Most excxiting thing right now

DFA donning the lab coats and indulging in scientific experiments of the musical nature by splicing the much overdue fresh musical brain matter of Shit Robot with his polar opposite, the ridiculouslyprolificreeditanythingunderthesun genes of Scandinavian Scamp Toddney Terje.


Next most exciting thing right now

Optimo taking apart the annoying Florence & Her Machines and putting them back together as a throbbing lump of 3am dancefloor beat ripe for combining with overindulgence on Michael Douglas. Optimo are le kings.

Yes Is Everywhere but I have been stroking my turntable and humping my speakers whilst this plays at least three times a day for the last month and reccommend you do the same to whatever you play music on

Florence & Her Annoying Machine – Dog Days Are Over (An (Optimo) Espacio Mix)

Those that don’t find Florence a pain can purchase this remix along with some new material from the lovely peeps at IAMSOUNDS

6 Responses to “The Perfect Sin”

  1. peaboi Says:

    big up your ace writing style ya big slut.

  2. when does the shit robot single drop??? any info???

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    june 9th I believe

    there is also excellent Sergios Santiagos remix

  4. wow. i am currently obsessed with anything serge. thanks sluttyfringe!

  5. Carl Says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! I’m about a week late but great post man.

  6. tyler Says:

    it’s FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE. why do you hate ‘the machine’ so much i thought that she collabs with artists and that’s why it’s called the machine? i think their stuff sounds fine, i don’t get your beef.

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