How To Take Your Own Shots

May 20, 2009

1) Stand like you suffer from rickets:Rickets“I’m so adorably innocent like I wouldn’t know a finger up my bum if I felt one”

2) The gasp:gaspYeah I’d be shocked too if a camera had just caught me by surprise in my casually thrown together outfit.

3) Use props:ohlookathtetimeitsknoboclock“Like dude what time is it?! Oh, KNOB O’CLOCK.”

4) The hand on the head:handOne way of going about this is to have the facial expression: ‘elegantly distressed’. Otherwise, to put a positive spin on this the soundtrack should be K.I.G’s ‘BUBBILY BUBBILY’ Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes at full volume like UK Funky was a legitimate genre.

4 Responses to “How To Take Your Own Shots”

  1. sluttyfringe Says:

    Splendid 1st post from petitflo!

  2. brendan Says:

    hahhaha excellent

  3. Danny Says:

    Incisive, funny, accurate…

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