Strong Looks In June

June 1, 2009

Tony Poland

1) June 25th x
2) Fuzzy Grubs
3) We Have Band – You Go Out (Cage & Aviary Remix)
4) Glad 2 Know You Launch Party
5) Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool (Wild Geese Remix) **All is forgiven Friendly Fires x

John Power

1. BBQs and Cocktails
2. Chow Chows
3. Flashback Records
4. Omar Souleyman – Highway to Hasake
5. My new espadrilles

Petit Flo

1. Graduating/coming home to london for good
2. Beyond The Valley end of season/sample sale
3. Brodinski & Noob – ‘Peanuts Club’ lol
4. Mr Oizo’s twitter: “@atrak STOP THE HAT THING” and “@boysnoize ‘VAN HELDEN SUCKS DICK IN HELL’ is a good track name, don’t you think?”
5. Sitting in sandy holes with Pom Bear

2 Responses to “Strong Looks In June”

  1. i saw peanuts club in your chart , have you got it ?

  2. petitflo Says:

    No, out in Sept official: Tis in a million charts/videos from Brodi’s twitter, after the Zombie Nation.

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