Daylight Robbed Her

June 3, 2009

After bringing Salem and CFCF to the attention of the general internet browsing public Vancouver label Acephale hold hands with their Swedish counterparts Sincerely Yours in releasing Call & Response, the debut EP from Memory Cassette, later this month on limited to 500 copies white 7 inch vinyl.

Additionally, a slew of the labels favourite remixers have been enlisted to take apart tracks from the EP and use musical glue and scissors to put them back together in their own inimitable style. First up is London based Vancouver ex pat Friend whose reimagination of Last One Awake is nothing if not fucking gorgeous.

Memory Cassette – Last One Awake (Friend Remix)

Get Your Pre order on for Call & Response from Acephale now

3 Responses to “Daylight Robbed Her”

  1. malcolm powder Says:

    “Frankmusik – Confusion Girl (The Aspirins For My Children Remix” is nice, but it’s not “Memory Cassette – Last One Awake (Friend Remix)” is it?

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    haha oh dear

    I have put the correct bloody file up now

    apologies and thanks for the headsup!

  3. malcolm powder Says:

    you’re bloody welcome…and thanks

    Interesting tune and nice use of steel drums, track reminds me of music by Homelife on Ninja Tune..

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