Pump Up The Jam

June 3, 2009


I know we’re all about bringing you the buff and hype, but occassionally even flashing blades such as ourselves need to recharge. Personally for me this means turning the lights down low, firing up the Von Erck and immersing myself in some sublime ambient music.

One collection of tracks I turn to most often when feeling all emotional is LJ Kruzer‘s ‘This Is How I Write‘, a gorgeous audio bubblebath of an album, and one that by rights should be in every home. Mr Kruzer’s sophomore effort ‘Manhood and Electronics‘ is due for release this Summer and from what I’ve heard is every bit as beautiful as it’s predecessor.

Anyway in an effort to create an online buzz, although it’s probably more like the drone of a sundrunk bumblebee, here is the video for new track Tam, produced by Octavcat‘s multi talented (ask him to draw you an elephant) Jamie Bradshaw.

Dive right in, the water’s lovely.

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