Bikini Funk

June 10, 2009

New Gomma sub label Gomma Dance Tracks got off to a splendid start with Telonius ‘him out of Munk‘s Like What last month – The Glimmers remix has formed a part of many a drunken Slutty Fringe DJ set since then.

The second release is upon us with the German label coercing some music out of the lesser spotted Gomma artiste Diskokaine.


Proving more exciting is the DJ Funk shaped presence on the release, as the Ghettotech icon provides not only vocals on lead track Bikinini but also a typically top of the tempos remix – him out of Munk and Christophe Just are amongst the other remixers

More please Gomma Dance Tracks

Diskokaine Feat. Dj Funk – Bikinini (DJ Funk Remix)

Purchase from the Juno

One Response to “Bikini Funk”

  1. BobsLog Says:

    So, without listening to it, it’ll be 140+bpm, full of BONK and be punctuated with a very drunk and lecherous man shouting his name every 30 seconds. Not that that’s necesarily a bad thing. You have to respect a man who made Justice danceable.

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