Point & Gaze

June 12, 2009

This weeks live music viewings have veered drunkenly between the sublime to the ridiculous

The Ridiculous

Lulu & The Lampshades whose quite pleasant take on skiffle pop is overshadowed somewhat by the poor band members employed to shake butt whilst wearing lit up lampshades for hats in a hot Curtain Rd basement.

The Sublime

Glass Candy at Koko – totally jealous of Jonny Jewel – man gets to hang round Portland bars cooing into the ears of eager would be singers with admirable fringes, coaxing them into fronting his multiple sultry disco projects, gets away with rocking a scarf and leather jackets whilst bopping away behind his synth AND looks on smugly as the red blooded males in the audience gawp with delight at Ida No grinding on stage.

Seriously, Feeling Without Touching live was an erotic experience.

Glass Candy – Feeling Without Touching

Come back soon Glass Candy

2 Responses to “Point & Gaze”

  1. h0tsauce Says:

    cold shower time Poland

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    You Had To be There Man

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