Under Her Spell

June 21, 2009

In which Delorean perfect the Phoenix being given a dash of Baltimore House drums by DJ Technics sound to splendid effect – file under “One for the summer parties on apartment rooftops.”

Delorean – Deli

Delorean’s Ayrton Senna EP is out now on Fool House – check iTunes or Emusic. Vinyl heads wait for the 22nd.

Go to Fluokids for a Delorean mixtape.

One Response to “Under Her Spell”

  1. h0tsauce Says:

    this is lush

    i was dj’ing on saturday and some girl was snogging the face off this chap right in front of the decks for about the last hour of the night.

    after i’d casually dropped ‘easy’ as my last tune and the lights went up, the girl came up for air and turned to her mate.

    little did she realise the sly dawg had completely undone her top and her massive top shelf quality knockers were bouncing around for all to see.

    basically i thought that that would be the best thing i would experience this weekend and then i heard this tune.

    Delorean – even better than ‘big naturals’

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