Shitty Bass

June 27, 2009


LiLo Fornarina advert: This makes me want to BURN my Fornarina clothes if anything.
Well done guys. You’ve made the WORST ADVERT EVER.
It’s like the inhabitants of the French West Coast mated with a Hilton daughter who gave birth to spawn that tried to re-make a Kavinsky video on cheap meth after failing to commission Kate Triangle Moross.

Speaking of Valerie, you may remember a time fondly called THE ’80’s. I was a bit young for that being born at the end of the glittering ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ era, (how ironic) and after the Monsieur Shiny Pants Tellier x American Apparel revival, I’m afraid to say it scared me a bit.

Anyhoos, we unanimously got over the neon garish electro phase I think or I’LL SHAKE YOUR OWN SHELLSUIT AT YOU and here we are in the throes of the borderline neo-disco bandwagon a la Little Boots/La Roux (same thing). You’ve probably heard Bulgari/Bogdan Irkuk’s remix of Sally Shapiro’s Miracle if you’re into all that disco nonsense which is assumed if you’re here taking a peep at the Slut.
Some of his own ’80’s-ish stuff is rather snazzy too in a dirty, decadent Bulgarian way.
Give it a try if you like vocoders, Breakbot-esque cricket intros and kinda shitty bass.


Everything is Changing

The Distant Message

Or if you pine for some retro tech-disco: Daso is a pretty good bet.

La Fee Verte


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