The First Cut Is The Deepest

July 13, 2009

Despite the fact that messageboards and forums devoted to electronica tend to attract some of the most maladjusted argumentative people online, the genre has thrown up surprisingly few good old fashioned diss tracks.

So it’s quite refreshing to hear one (must remain nameless) producer vent his frustrations at pretty much every other bedroom knob twiddler in several minutes of grin inducing autotune heavy electro funk that takes aim at nearly every cliche within sight.

??? – I Am A Producer

5 Responses to “The First Cut Is The Deepest”

  1. maledictus Says:

    orsumz!!!11!ZOMG!Launch teh ROFLCOPTERZ!!1!

  2. IDizzums Says:

    I heard that it’s one of teh Afecks twins in disguise!

  3. Philihp Says:

    pretty ironic that people who use pirated software can’t sell their music.

    • Teh IDMz Says:

      that’s what happens when more people make this kind of music than listen to it!

      On myspace all their friends are other artists, with comments posted on their profiles saying “check out my new tunes!”

  4. schoolgraft Says:

    clearly it’s erol alkan

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