Brodinski for Bugged Out

July 25, 2009

brodi_2The busy beardy Frenchman took some time out to speak to Slutty Fringe… Retard questions ensued. Mostly beard-centred:

Flo: Hello I like your beard. It’s quite shiny and possibly even better than Oizo’s.

Brodi: Thanks a lot, it’s not really a Big Beard like The Tom Hanks one, but I prefer my one ; )

Flo: Why do you think it is that you’re often still considered being part of this French electro scene when you actually produce more techno sounds?

Brodi: I don’t know, the people loved to reason just on ONE WAY, like ‘all the French people are arrogant and produce one French electro sound’ ahah.

Flo: How does your production process with Yuksek work? Do you attempt to express your ideas to him, work on the technique, or is it shared?

Brodi: I’m more the idea man for my proper production with the “Brodinski”‘s project. He’s the guy of studio, he loves to work on hardware and stuff like that. I love him for that, he helps me a lot for production, he’s the king.

Flo: Did Oizo’s beard influence your’s in any way?

Brodi: Not really, I’m more into the normal beard, not the Hassidim one. Or the homeless one : )

Flo: I remember a while back at Fabric you played an incredibly progressive tech house/minimal set then BAM it’s the last half hour and it was banger after banger. I went mental at the front and knocked out a couple of ladies who looked like they wandered in after the office hours; how do you decide on your sets, is it often really pre-meditated or do you prefer playing to the crowd?

Brodi: I love to play some different kind of stuff, I’m a party dj. I can play for everyone, I think I’m more an entertainer than a musician. I never predict my set, or prepare something, I prefer to see the crowd and give it to them what they expect ; )

Flo: Have you ever gotten really wasted and played some some Mariah Carey?

Brodi: I love the “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.
French people don’t understand why.

Flo: You’ve worked with a lot of diverse producers and I think people were especially excited by the Noob collaboration for Peanuts Club, who do you still want to work with but haven’t?

Brodi: 50 cent, Nelly, T.I., Lil Wayne, Currensy, Cory Gunz, & Teki Latex. Diplo too but I think I can, one day.

Can you finish these sentences-

Your favourite producer for 2009/10 is:
Noob, Douster, Riva Starr, Solo, Bok Bok, Mowgli, Mikix The Cat… I can’t choose, sorry.

The weirdest thing a fan has said:
I’ll fuck your nose. (Not true, but fun).

If in doubt, play:
Lil Wayne – A MILLIE

And the dream you had last night?

Be a revolutionary white man in Hip Hop Music ; )

Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck – Mixed by Brodinski is out now –

2 Responses to “Brodinski for Bugged Out”

  1. brendan Says:

    i like his beard too – it’s subtle, understated, but very ‘nostalgic beard’ all the same

  2. idub Says:

    brodi has normal man beard. what u say bout Tellier beard?))

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