Something Bigger Something Better

July 27, 2009

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Major Lazer project for Slutty Fringe is Switch’s current penchant for printed shirts, flat caps and Wogan esque decisions in the pant department.

Mercifully, others prefer to focus on the musical knowhow of Wes & Dave. New York label Mishka for example who loaned the reins attached to their Keep Watch series to the duo and their fictional Jamaican Man of War for episode 10.

Major Lazer – Keep Watch Vol.10

3 Responses to “Something Bigger Something Better”

  1. trashcanpunch Says:

    hahahaha i noticed too

  2. trashcanpunch Says:

    link up?

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    sorry trashcanpunch I’m taken

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