Tiny Adventures For Imaginary Cosmonauts

July 27, 2009

Close your eyes and let The Horrors lead you on a sublime journey to the far reaches of the galaxy with their sublime Cosmic Dub take on Memory Tapes.

Memory Tapes – Bicycle (The Horrors Cosmic Dub)

Being the anti social types The Horrors will leave you hugging the edge of the galaxy whilst they sneer all the way back to their Dalston hovel to perfect their cosmiche Joy Division impression in time for Field Day.

Thankfully Sail A Whale are on hand to guide you right back through the cosmos with their entrancing remix of Surfin’ by Memory Cassette which evokes memories of The Field in his pomp.

Memory Cassette – Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)

Sail A Whale’s remix is one of five commissioned by the awesome Acephale in anticpation of the forthcoming Call & Response EP and tossed carelessly at the internet without pause for monetary gain. The others being coaxed out of CFCF, Shadow Self, the previously SF featured Friend and Weird Tapes.

Weird Tapes being both Memory Cassette and Memory Tapes – one to wrap your head round as you pass Jupiter

All remixes are available from the Weird Tapes blog.

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