Only Bloody Beetroots post on Slutty Fringe ever

July 30, 2009

So Romborama, the debut album from The Bloody Beetroots has leaked, like all albums, ahead of it’s official launch.

Not going to post any music, Steve Karaoki doesn’t need anymore reason to drown his Dim Mak sorrows in Grey Goose. Should you want to hear it, ask Google

It does however give us the opportunity to ask wtf is going on with the coverart?

Do The Bloody Bees really keep their masks on when nature calls?

They like to read on the john? ewww

Are they secret members of the Millie Jackson fan club?

Worst coverart of 09?

There’s been a more than few contenders so far this year – Gui Boratto’s mid 90s hippyhouse throwback and Caspa’s lurid lime green amateur photoshop monstrosity for example, but BB take the biscotti.

3 Responses to “Only Bloody Beetroots post on Slutty Fringe ever”

  1. MLKshake Says:

    ever since i got that Caspa record i’ve been exactly of the same mind… it looks awful

  2. Oh-Death Says:

    It looks like Iron Maiden’s Eddie The Head is getting an electro makeover as a member of BB.

  3. Ingri Says:

    The album cover is a reference. (Like their masks?)

    Either they’re too clever, or this audience is too dense.

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