Adventures In Success

August 3, 2009

Ever since the heady days of Electroclash (miss u 2001) Eskimo Recordings have found themselves a fan in tonysluttyfringe. Employing the likes of The Glimmers, Headman and Ivan Smagghe to compile mixes that took in weird italo, old electro, early Tiga, camp disco and the odd contemporary gem, they remain compelling for those that look to dance musics past as well as the now for inspiration.

Love going back to the compilations they put out and finding a wee gem of a track which sounds perfect for todays dancefloor (most recently it’s been the Fran K edit of Martin Circus from Eskimo Vol IIII)

Right now Eskimo are fully ensconsed in the contemporary cosmic disco movement, having put out the second album from cosmic disco chairmen of the board Lindstrom & Prins Thomas just the other month.

Next up is the release of Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 2 which the sharper tools amongst you will note is the follow up to last years well received Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol.1, an album notable for an In Flagranti track that put aside the sex dripped disco for some cosmiche dubbings.

Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 2 sees Eskimo roundup 16 tracks from producers around the world that include peeps you should know (Naum Gabo, Social Disco Club, Hot Toddy and Visti & Meyland) to ones you’re glad to be hearing for the first time (Phelps and Outrunners for me)

Mixed lovingly by Mindless Boogie newcomers Villa, Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 2 is a near perfect exercise in slow mo discoteria, crammed full of tracks suited for the early evening creak before the various excesses dictate an increase in bpms. It will arrive in 2CD format upon release on the 7th September with all tracks presented in unmixed format for the DJs. You can preview all tracks included here

Additionally there are a series of 12″ releases planned with Visti & Meyland’s Yes Maam (All Night Long) having been put out already in anticipation of the compilation and further 12″s by Dance Disorder and Hot Toddy to follow.

The weirded out Kasper Bjorke remix of Visti & Meyland’s Yes Maam (All Night Long) has proved to be one of my favourite tracks of the past few months. So it’s nice to have an excuse to post the track which stood out despite heady competition from Henrik Schwarz and Andy Trentmoller.

Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam [All Night Long] (Kasper Bjorkje)

2 Responses to “Adventures In Success”

  1. Nebby Says:

    Love the artwork… Benbo george I think.

  2. John Swartz Says:

    Advntures in Success . . .

    Great Artwork 🙂

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