Machine Vibes

August 5, 2009

Such is the ADD way of the internet and music that the hype over Who’s There? was swiftly put to one side so everyone could fawn over the Erol Boys Noize collab (rightly so cos Waves is fckn awesome) only for the internet to focus their attention on the forthcoming Fake Blood EP.

No doubt by the time this post hits hypem Wiseguy Theo’s new stuff will be old news and the electro nerds will be speculating over Surkin’s forthcoming rehash of Brodi & Noobi’s Peanuts Club……

Back to the point, Next week sees the release of the Who’s There? remixes from In Flagranti, Style of Eye, L Vis 1990 and Doorly in digital format at the usual suspects with vinyl to follow there after.

Here is the L Vis 1990 remix which wisely only retains the chorus refrain (the stab at hip house vocals from Primary One is a bit shoddy in all honesty) and layers lots of percussive elements my limited understanding of production has trouble describing.

Riton & Primary One – Who’s There? (L Vis 1990 Remix)

Look forward to the following L Vis 1990 related musical endeavours over the next few months: A United Groove Remix EP on Mad Decent, A Night Slugs EP on Dre$$ 2 $weat, a single on Sound Pellegrino as well as remixes for Passion Pit, Gucci Vamp and Slice & Soda.

2 Responses to “Machine Vibes”

  1. major itunes Says:

    United Groove Single @ iTunes:

  2. Caisa Says:

    Hi there!
    If you like Riton, then don’t miss out on Kitsune Maison’s warehouse party on 31 October in East London!!! Riton, Gildas & Masaya and Le Corps mince de francoise will be dj:ing!

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