A Change Is Gonna Come

August 7, 2009


Eagle eyed amongst you may well have clocked the tagline ‘Version 2.0 Soon Come!’ that has sat under our title for the past 12 months or so… Well come the end of August all our wishful thinking will become reality when we unveil the brand new, beautifully designed, next generation, 2nd edition of Slutty Fringe.

Such an event will no doubt be marked with national holidays, animal sacrifices and tributes of gold, frankincense and myrrh and rightly so, but we wanted to do something too, give back a little something to you, the fans.

So on Saturday August 29th as the new site is launched and networks around the world buckle trying to cope with the increased demand, we shall be kicking back and throwing a party in our hometown of London to celebrate (ourselves) and you are all invited.


Featuring some of our favourite people like Trevor Jackson, Leo Zero, Grovesnor, I Haunt Wizards and Kinema, it’s surely going to be the best party the world has ever seen. Hell we’re even going to fire up the BBQ and get our meat on, just get there early (before 11) and it’s free, gratis, on-the-house, who knows you might even get some free drinks.*

For those who need reassurance that this isn’t a cruel hoax and is actually happening, you can check Cargo’s site here or do the Facebook thing here.

Right, after all that, time for some music.

We posted this a few weeks ago, but I’ve been playing it out loads recently and this seems as good a time as any to revisit… It is of course Let’s Go, from Leo Zero’s forthcoming mighty fine Acid Life album.

Leo Zero – Let’s Go

* Or possibly not… we’ll see.

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