Headthrashing at Fabric

August 17, 2009

sfThe problem with the phat line-up-really-good nights at Fabric is you want to be in all three rooms at the same time, so unless you’re the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you’re practically dance/fighting the pill-heads out the way to catch a bit of everyone’s always banging sets.

However for last Friday’s Headthrash night, I decided Room 2 was where it was at, featuring Joe Ransom and Riva Starr dropping tech bangers such as Retur 2, and DJ T.’s Dis, Christian Martin’s Elephant Fight and ending on Style of Eye’s remix of Fake Blah. Jesse Rose’s set involved more post-wonky house and midget than a Gael Garcia Bernal lookalikes contest until Mowgli was on to entertain the hardcore ravers/stragglers at 4.

Elsewhere in the underground labyrinth before Yo Majesty’s live shenanigans, Sinden played an energetic early set packing out Room 1 with party choons mixing in Brodi/Noob Peanuts Club into Style of Eye’s mental Grounded, before getting all Roots Manuva Let The Spirit Move You wobble remixes. Although such frequencies were unmatched by ‘wobblier than thou’ Toddla T w/ MC Serocee was in Room 3 getting everyone Pon Di Floor and Count & Sinden’s ‘Lord Have Mercy Remix’ of Love You No More, moving onto Baobinga‘s heavier dubstep.

Much a change of scene since Mumdance’s early set with my favourite booty-shaker Kalemba, paining me to see only three backcombed toffs shaking it in the smoke machined pit. Just another demographic added to the ever-changing crowd from the Friday night summoned 30-something office workers to ghettotech Sinden-fanboys, where running around in a American Apparel mini-dress gives you enough shiny attention to part the drunks (i. e man-berks) although on the dancefloor this seems to have the opposite effect. Thank God this is one of the few places in London where you’re SUPPOSED to dance like a madman instead of clutching your Flirtini and nodding your head disdainfully at your favourite song in the world, that’s right, put that in your Dalston pipe and smoke it. Pssh.

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