Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats

August 20, 2009

One of the most consistently good labels of the past year or two Redux are back with a new EP from Argentinian bass maestro Fernando. Already on my radar as 1/4 of 2020 Soundsystem and 1/2 of Silver City it was his solo cover of Bauhaus’ ‘A Kick In The Eye’ released last autumn though that really made me start paying attention.

Alongside Happy House it was easily my most played record in 2008 and hasn’t faired badly in 2009 either. Guaranteed to get people dancing and asking after it, it’s a pretty handy update of what is one of my favourite goth disco classics and has made itself a permanent resident in my record bag.

Anway he’s back with a new EP, 3 tracks of bass driven, heads down, spaced out disco business including a rather tasty remix from much fancied Croatian type Illija Ruddman. It’s great stuff and should be available in the shops very soon, when it is I recommend you go grab yourself a copy.

Fernando – Blade Drummer

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