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The Emperor’s Buff New Diamonds

October 30, 2006


Next Monday sees the release of Husky Rescue’s lead single Diamonds In The Sky from their forthcoming and eagerly awaited second album Ghost Is Not Real on the excellent Catskills label.

As well as the melancholy original version there are also remixes by hotly tipped wonky folk types Tunng, Norff Lundun electrorock upstarts Deaf Stereo and most exciting for me a rather splendid refix by the Emperor Machine who get better everytime my ears hear them.


Husky Rescue – Diamonds In The Sky (Emperor Machine Remix)

Watch the video for the original version here (QT)

Come November 6th you will be able to purchase the new Husky Rescue from here

Mixin It Up With Monsieur P

October 29, 2006

You Rock

Man like Monsiuer P writes an excellent blog, offering up some splendid hype tracks (my appreciation of it will improve immensely once I’ve mastered French) and he has just sent me through a great mix of distorted disco junk for your trunk – peep the tracklist!

Monsieur P – You Rock! Pais Moi Mix

Till West & DJ Delicious – Same Man (original mix)
Acid Jacks – Awake Since 78 (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Van Rivers – Kill The Disco (Meaty Minimal Dub Mix)
The Presets – I Go Hard (The Juan MacLean remix)
Shout Out Out Out Out – Procrastinator’s Fight Song
Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko (Boys Noize vocal mix)
Boyz Noize – eRole Attack
Klaxons – Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Land Shark – Shake Me (Sweetlight Remix)
I Am Finn – I Love You (Van She Tech Remix)
New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (VanSheTech remix)
Shout Out Out Out Out – Self Loathing Rulz (Malente Remix)

Download it here

Photo from DirtyDirtyDancing

Bad Up Your Betterness

October 27, 2006

Atlantic Records……….For T.I. Clearance…………….

Australian B Movie Horror Electro types The Presets release the freaked out I Go Hard, I Go Home at the start of November with some rather tasty remixes from ASCII.DISKO and The Juan Maclean (DFA).

I’m posting up the squelchy discowonk Juan Maclean refix because you can get the original track from The Presets myspace and because I like The Juan Maclean nearly as much as I like panda bears. (certainly, they are my favourite thing on dfa)

The Presets – I Go Hard, I Go Home (The Juan Maclean Remix)

Hopefully the recent sellout gigs The Presets did (check Mr Headphone Sex for a review of the ULU show with Shit Disco and Midnight Juggernauts and some natty remixes from Van She Tech & Digitalsm) will have bumped them up a few notches in the popularity stakes over here as their music certainly deserves it (when I caught them at The Delete Yourself night a few months back, Bardens was teeming with Australians)

I Go Hard, I Go Home is released on November 6th on the splendid Modular imprint

You will most likely be able to buy it here – I’m sure you can get the rather excellent album Beams by The Presets there too which is excellent for many reasons, not least because one of the Presets has the same battered Adidas indoors as me

Spank RoRoRoRo Remixes

October 26, 2006

creative croy

Back when I first started Slutty Fringe, the mighty Spank Rock had just released all the accapellas from their lp YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo on the interweb and set up a very loose remix competition which is still open to submission and has seen a slew of splendid (and some not so) refixs appear online (mostly at the Fathertronix board)

Here are a few that make me want to shake my money maker

Spank Rock – Backyard Betty (Amphibious Remix)

Spank Rock – Bump (Pink Skull Remix) – thanks to the lovely LaDecadanse for posting this a short while back

Spank Rock – Chilly Will (Bird Peterson Remix)

Spank Rock – Far Left (Audio Porno Remix) – thanks to Poppa BigStereo for this!

Spank Rock – What It Look Like (Loot Remix) – This Kills It!!


Spank Rock Website hurr and scoop the accapellas to do yer own refix hurr

Pink Skull MySpace hurr

Bird Peterson MySpace hurr – check this fella cos he is fucken splendid

Audio Porno MySpace hurr – Their Spank Rock Remix is being released on a 12″ at the start of November, cop all the details here

Loot Myspace hurr

The Teenagers

October 23, 2006


One of the more pleasant aspects of writing a music blog is all the nicenice music people nudge gently in your direction, one excellent example being French upstarts The Teenagers.

Le Gallic Hotsauce Bloggers Fluokids recently featured them along with sexxy noisey American artist Slutt (good name!) but foolishly my inability to read French put me off investigating them further. (really should have paid attention during GCSE French)

I’m grateful to a large extent then, that Poups from The Teenagers got in touch suggesting I might like his band and sent me a rather splendid madfresh new remix of the outstandingly titled Fuck Nicole (whether they share my feelings for Nicole Ritchie, I’m not sure) by Last Division. So you get to enjoy this and also the infectious Homecoming which has a brilliant chorus line.

I would also like to add that The Teenagers have struck upon a genius marketing tool of asking their female fans to send in photos of their love of the band adorning their bodies – The Teenagers, I applaud you!

It seems like we are going to hear alot more buff hype about The Teenagers, as well as being signed to the superb Slum Records (home to Paul Devro and My!Gay!Husband!) stateside, they’re currently taking advantage of all the free coke, hookers and square pie being thrown at them by giddy UK record labels eager to sign them up (this last part may be untrue) which is a good thing!


The Teenagers – Fuck Nicole (Last Division Remix)

The Teenagers – Homecoming

Spektrum – Don’t Be Shy

October 21, 2006

I played at a party in Bethnal Green last night- wicked venue, a disused pub with a basement that turns into a proper sweatbox when they have a jumpoff – and absolutely smashed it for an hour and a half (despite several record jumping incidents)

Starting with some daft punk mixed in with Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock through a dirty bit of timberlake, heatwave reggae boots, rex the dog remix of the knife, some stooges, kinks, finishing off with some hollertronix and counterfeet related shakers, the last track being the speakerjunk remix of Don’t Be Shy by Spektrum which is probably my favourite track right now – love the way they have used the titty lyric.

Anyway the video for the original mix is splendid, props to Big Stereo for putting me onto this! Can’t wait for Fun At The Gymkhana Club to drop

Deep Down And Dirty Mixes

October 20, 2006

more from the 3 D’s

Theo Parrish – Forgotten Future Mix

Last weekend was quite horrible for me in some respects (in others it was splendid, but thats not for here) – I couldn’t make it up to Manchester for the 3 Chairs showcase at The Warehouse Project and then I found an email from Plastic People telling me Theo Parrish was playing there on Sunday – Great! Yeah I found the email on Monday (really should peep my hotmail more often)

Anyway to console myself I’ve been listening to lots of Theo Parrish this week, and I was delighted when my boy Mike B out of Belfast sent me over a whole heap of musical treats including several Parrish mixes – one of which I share with you

Henrik Schwarz – Live Set (Recorded August 06)

The latest DJ Kicks comp is mixed by Henrik Schwarz and is out on Monday – the reviews I have read have all been glowing and this is no suprise to me as I was completely blown away when I saw him do a live set at an Electric Chair warehouse party in Manchester last autumn (despite being both physically and mentally disabled by some particularly strong narcotics that night)

So i thought it would be splendid to share with you a live set from earlier this year that I’ve just got my mitts on

London Peeps can catch Henrik @ Plastic People on November 23rd for a heavt duty night alongside Dixon and Ame – check here for full details

Maurice Fulton – Ryonaji Mix

Maurice is still killing it with his own particular brand of weirded out remixes (check his recent refix of Hot Chip’s Over & Over) and his bubbletease podcasts get serious playtime on the slutty fringe I Pod. What I wanna know is when theres gonna be some new Syclops material!

This is a nice little mix of deep disco boogie sounds which would act as a perfect hangover aid this weekend.

tush tush fringe taken from Dirty Dirty Dancing


October 16, 2006

on the fringe of mstrkrft

So after what seems an age, MSTRKRFT’S dancefloor igniter ‘Work On You” gets a proper release next monday with a Para One remix and a shiny new track to keep it company, though there are already some one sided promos floating around record shops (Piccadilly and Phonica should have them)

Work On You has featured prominently in mixes, both commercially released and interweb only, over the summer plus Jesse and Al P have been mad busy on the remix front of late, so there’s plenty mad hype over the release of their lp on Modular (expected early next feb)

As a taster here are a couple of tracks from the album plus some nicenice remixes MSTRKRFT have done of late (Head over to King Discobelle to snaffle up their refix of the new All Saints track)


MSTRKRFT – Work On You

MSTRKRFT – Neon Knights

Para One – DuDun Dun (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Polysics – Ceolakanth Is Android (MSTRKRFT Remix)

50% of MSTRKRFT taken by josephmohan

Show Some Love People

October 14, 2006

Man like Headphone Sex writes one of the most on the ball and informative music blogs out there (check his 6th place in the 2006 BT Digital Music Awards Best Music Blog Category for proof)

He has just begun a campaign to help rasie money for a charity called Dans Fund For Burns that was set up by a survivor of the Bali bombings and helps fund treatment for burns victims in the UK and abroad. Headphone Sex is asking people to send him some unwanted cds he can auction off and hopefully raise £1,ooo.

More details here – Doowit! Show some love people!

Kiss Kiss part deux

October 14, 2006

Bisous Bisous

I have been on a bit of a Freeform Five tip recently, the Alice Smith remix kills it and their refix of The Killers makes them listenble to my ears. So I was very pleased when the second installment of their Bisous Bisous mix series, snappily entitled Bisous Bisous II, arrived for my listening pleasure.

The first Bisous Bisous cd was stictly limited runnings given out to the beautiful people and mailing list subscribers (i’m neither so god knows how I got a copy) and was two cds of splendidly mixed and very very now (then) tracks.

And the new Bisous Bisous mix is just as hot with a tracklisting that includes Lindstrom, Uffie, Riton, Simian Mobile Disco, Green Velvet and SebastiAn plus some exclusive hOtsAuce remixes by Speakerjunk.

Unlike the first mixes, this one is getting a full commercial release, hitting the shops on November 13th on Perspex Recordings. I suggest you hit up your nearest independent and grab a copy, and to give you a nudge in that direction here are some of my favourite tracks from the mix


The Gossip – Listen Up (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Spektrum – Don’t Be Shy (Speaker Junk Remix)

Freeform Five – No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)

Deise Tigrona – Injecao

Kissy Kissy pic from DirtyDirtyDancing



I’ll Have A Poke*

October 12, 2006

tahita pony club

New Young Pony Club are my favourite band: Official!!!

Soon the rest of the world will feel similarly, later this month they are travelling the UK as support for the ubiquitous Lily Allen, and their debut lp is scheduled for release early next year.

Their first release on Modular Recordings, Ice Cream, came out last month with a couple of rather nice remixes and some shiny new material some of which I am posting up for you to treat your ears and dancing feet to! Descend I love particularly, it is proper Disco Punk for your Trunk


New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (DJ Medhi Mix)

New Young Pony Club – Descend

If you don’t fancy catching NYPC showing up Lily Allen then you have the opportunity to catch them at a secret Modular jump off in East London on the 18th of November alongside Van She with MSTRKRFT and Simian Mobile Disco providing the party shakers.

If you haven’t already, you best friend up Modular UK on myspace to get the full details on what should be a fuggin great night what what. I’ll be there, brandishing a sharp rum and coke admiring the slutty fringe.

As usual, Phonica Records will allow you a physical copy of these great songs in exchange for uk pounds

*poke is Belfast slang for a 99 with a flake in case you were wondering

post edit

head over to Acid Girls who have a guitar heavy Van She remix of Ice Cream posted up – splendid!

I’m Bringing Paxilback…..Yeah

October 11, 2006

The nice people at Worlds Fair (bigs ups to Su!) sent me this piss take of Sexyback by The Gray Kid – the video as you can see is quite amusing


The Gray Kid – PaxilBack

and bussabuss over to the itunes store to grab his debut lp 5,6,7,8

The Killers Freeform Reformed

October 8, 2006


I was never really a big fan of The Killers, Mr Brightside had its charms, though I’m sure this has alot to do with the fact it was played on The OC while I was busy perving over Summer.

The new album seems to have been given a rather poor critical response (at least from the casual reading of the music press that I have done) but this doesn’t really interest me.

What does interest me is a Freeform 5 remix of their latest single! I’ve also posted a nice electrorock remix of Mr Brightside by the Killers favourite remixer The Thin White Duke AKA Jacques Lu Cont AKA many other bloody aliases (he appears to have done a slew of remixes for this new single)


The Killers – When You Were Young (Freeform Reform)

The Killers – Mr Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix)

The new Killers album is most likely available on every street corner in all major cities.

Summer Graffed provided by Glenda Glita Girl

Mixes Mixes Mixes

October 6, 2006

thank god its friday

First up, I’ve been in touch with some artists from around the globe about contributing exclusive mixes to The Slutty Fringe – expect proceedings to kick off at the start of November!

Anyway heres a few nice mixes to bust on your headphones this weekend whilst you are taking a saunter round town

Psychonauts – PM Scientists Drop The Beat

Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol 1

J Rocc – Jaylib Vs J Rocc Promo Mix

Also Check This:

Discobelle has a tuff mix from Dev79 outta Philly – Its been a constant on my itunes for the past few days!

Upside Down Stupid Hat has posted the Simian Mobile Dancefloor Distortion mix given away with the NME this week – just had a listen and its splendid

I chanced upon Ghost Robot’s blog recently- he has a fookin great mix by the Optimo lot posted up >> go seek

Polloxniner has come out of hiding (yay!) and has a rather nice little mix by pharrell fluokids plus some links to other hotsauce mixes

To celebrate the release of the new DFA Remixes album, there is a new Autumn DFA Radio mix done by Tim Sweeney – any mix that starts off with some moodymann and has Rez in it gets the opposables up from me! Go get it hurr

Oh on the DFA tip London kids should head down to Adventures Close To Home at 93 feet east on the 10th November cos portly dour faced DFA label boss James Murphy will be djing along with Gucci SS and bloggers delight and many more!

dog pic taken by admurder

sexyback (riton mix)

October 5, 2006


Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (riton remix)

Is 320 kbps so you can play it out