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The Suspense Is Killing Me

March 29, 2008

It’s been a while since the Streetlife DJs got a mention round these parts, there was even a moment when we wondered if they had joined the circus or become estate agents.

Thankfully minds were put to rest when a cluster of new Streetlife DJs remixes of Alan Braxe, QOTSA (a Soulwax and Erol A favourite) and Buy Now dropped in the Slutty Fringe inbox.

Alan Braxe – Addicted (Streetlife DJs Cut N Run Remix) / ysi

Buy Now – Body Crash (Streetlife DJs Remix) / ysi

QOTSA – Better Living Through Chemistry (Streetlife DJs Remix) / ysi

As well as the music was news that Shinichi Osawa and Fatboy Slim remixes are due for release imminently and the rather splendid Gunn Crime will be released on Kitsune in April.

You can purchase the Buy Now remix in high quality MP3 from Beatport or buy the vinyl from Piccadilly Records

Smile Around The Face

March 28, 2008


Here is some unreleased Radioclit remixness of Annie Mall by jangly gallic popbeat duo One-Two which isn’t on the eurocrunkbailefunkafrobeat tip that Radioclit are most commonly known for.

Instead Etienne and Johan strip away the indie leanings of the original and add a nice warm bassline, some tinky tonk drums and a few tinkles on a xylophone – lovely stuff

One-Two – Annie Mall (Radioclit Remix) / ysi

Thanks to Modular for the invitation to the Bumblebeez private viewing last night, the free tees, records and beer

In Like Flint

March 27, 2008


Anglo Italians Cazals seem to be very popular despite their intrinsic link with Ali Love – the Crookers remix of Life Is Boring has been played in every club I’ve been to for the past few months, though it’s likely you will have heard every Crookers remix in clubs of late.

After Kitsùne let Rory Phillips loose on the remix for the single release of Life Is Boring, his fellow Durrr resident Our Man Fred has also had a crack at it, coming up with a excellent some sort of new wave take reminiscent of Devo with a dirty bassline

Cazals – Life Is Boring (Our Man Fred Remix) / ysi

New Song To An Old Story

March 27, 2008


The perenially tipped Metronomy take another swipe at the general public’s attention on 7th April with the release of the really quite catchy electropop highpitcher My Heart Rate Rapid – the poor kids are actually gearing up to perform the track on the cringeworthy La Allen & Friends on BBC 3 Pints as this is being typed – Having previously seen Yelle bounce around on stage in quite an attractive gallic fashion to an audience whose response to stimuli was reminiscent of a corpse you have to feel for Metronomy.

Such examples of sacrifice for the betterment of their career should only encourage you to seek out the EP on it’s release – especially for the Primary 1 and MatonRETROMX remixes.

Posting any of the tracks off the EP is likely to incur something sterner than a slap on the wrist however there is some audio relief in the shape of a superb remix of previous Metronomy single Radio Ladio by Happy Meal sized Mac 3000 which has been sitting in the waiting lounge more commonly known as the Slutty Fringe inbox for too long whilst this scribe has been on the sososocialise

We should have been all over this like a sex rash from the moment it dropped as it indulges in some think break overtures to splendid effect

Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Mac 3000 Remix) / ysi

Refizzle Teh Foals

March 26, 2008


Perhaps it’s due to the massive media coverage or maybe it’s cos the singer comes across like another opinionated herbert from Oxford but the Foals have not made the stickiest of impressions at weary old Slutty Fringe Towers – however a wise old Irish man once took us to one side and insisted we seek the silver lining to every skinny jean.

Such shiny lining can be found in the shape of a competition in conjuction with Last FM to remix the Foals album track Electric Bloom with the golden opportunity to feature on a future digital single release

Further details can be uncovered at Last FM – Any budding producers who think their remix might sway our thoughts on Yannis and company are welcome to send through their efforts.

Must Be A Devil

March 26, 2008

Slutty Fringe has big wooly mammoth love for Adventures Close To Home – most mortals would be content with putting on the best parties every weekend of every month with bands you will be reading about in Style magazines several months down the line and being resident tastemakers for thems like FACT

Not Will that is Ill and Choaf though. Of late they have expanded the ACTH dynasty to include a record label that is home to some splendid angular sonic debauchery in Holy Hail and Free Blood ( The Shir Khan & Hot Chip remixes of both acts respectively were amongst the favourites of recent times)

Adventures Close To Home have started to do some heavy remixes too – Ghost Frequency being wilfull recipients of an excellent remix inparticular

So it should go then that ACTH would turn their loving hand to remixing the new single from Free Blood – immense

Free Blood –  Royal Family (ACTH Remix) / ysi

Those London peeps who can brave a Tuesday morning stinking of whisky and the stale scent of Chanel perfume that Danish print student you were getting close with was wearing might want to head down to Durrrrrrrrrrr this Monday as Free Blood are performing live and there is the added bonus of Turbo Recordings finely coiffured Matt Walsh playing some records

(as the image above suggests)

Almost A Willis

March 25, 2008

Last Saturday should have seen the Slutty Fringe represent represent at Numbers goes South at Gramophone with Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and the Numbers crew – however some nasty sleep deprivation type affliction stole Saturday night away. Which was a great shame.

The purpose of Numbers leaving the warmth and sanctity of Glasgow was to throw a party in celebration of the hotly anticapted new releases from the aforementioned Rustie and Hudson Mowake

Cafe De Phresh the sophomore EP from young Rustie has already been covered here but new Warp signing HudMo has Ooops! about to drop which is a EP of crunched up hiphop featuring R & B accapellas from Tweet, Yummy Bingham and some other bling types whose names escape us right now over some speakerjunking Hudmo production.

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops (Oh My) / ysi

The official release for this fine enterprise between Wireblock and the Luckyme crew is April 7th – however if you point your eyes towards the North South Divide record shop you can purchase it the now.

An extra bit of Hudmo niceness can be located at the North South Divide podcast in the shape of a new mixtape in mp3 format go >> here

From Dalston To Detroit

March 14, 2008

When we coaxed an interview out of cheeky scamp Micachu last year there was some mention of a mixtape she was working on with some of her friends though it was all a bit hush hush. Such thoughts were promptly tossed to the back of our minds as focus was switched to indulging in thoughts concerning George Pringle or the latest Crookers remix. Though a recent Micachu interview in Timeout did not go unnoticed

It came as something of a pleasure then, when a Micachu mixtape emblazoned Filthy Friends and featuring such luminaries as Man Like Me, Ghost Poet, Kwes, The Fields, Toddla T, Suicidedogz and many more dirty pretty young things.

This is more a mixtape in the hiphop aesthetic as opposed to some intricate EQing and beatmatching but is full of some splendid glitchy hiphop grime and other such genres.

Micachu Presents – Filthy Friends: The Mixtape

Look forward to Micachu’s debut album later this year on Accidental Records produced by Matthew Herbert – he of the large head, inventive use of vegetable and generally excellent producer

(perhaps we should ponder for a minute the link between big forehead and musical excellence – Mo Fulton & Matthew Herbert being two examples)

Thugs & Hugs return for their first party in the eights of two thousand and it’s also their first birthday! Having witnessed Mr Sinden destroy The Legion at their opening party it’s worrying to think such an event was a whole year ago – anyways since then ThugsnHugs have played host to a whole bunch of gully types including Toddla T, Squeak E Clean, Starkey, Zombie Disco Squad, Brother Reade, Evans & Eagles, Jackmaster, Kazey & Bulldog, Hijack, J@PEG, Chaingang and the Soul Jazz soundsystem.

They return to The Legion on 23rd March with a ever impressive lineup that includes Grecoroman’s Drums of Death performing live and dj sets from Northern line Records DJ GS, Smutlee and Young & Postive alongside the Thuggish Patchwork Pirates and er Huggish DJ Gigolo

Here is a Thugs n Hugs Mixtape – link after tracklist

1. Intro Feat. Soulja Boy
2. Soulja Boy – ‘Crank Dat’
3. Benga & Coki – ‘Night’
4. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – ‘Throw It Up’
5. DJ Zinc – ‘Flim’ (Skream Remix)
6. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – ‘Da Blow’
7. Zomby – ‘Spliff Dub’
8. The Heptones – ‘I Do Love You’
9. Ghislain Poirier – ‘Blazin’ (DJ C Remix)
10. Kid Sister – ‘Switchboard’
11. DJ Deeon – ‘Pump On The Floor’ (Juke Mix)
12. DJ Assault – ‘G-String’
13. DJ Assault – ‘Like That’
14. A Message From Kurtis
15. Nice & Smooth – ‘Sometimes I Rhyme Slow’
16. Brother Reade – ‘About That Rock’ (Instrumental)
17. Jay-Z – ‘Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)’
18. Daz-I-Kue – ‘Move Pt.1’ (Instrumental)
19. The Team – ‘Hyphy Juice’
20. Capleton – ‘Real Hot’ (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
21. Busta Rhymes – ‘Take It Off’
22. This Is London
23. Seiji – ‘Chiggy Time’
24. Ludacris – ‘Grew Up A Screw Up’ (Accapella)
25. Dikulous – ‘U Know What To Doo’
26. Detboi – ‘Wreck The Disco’
27. Orbital – ‘Chime’ (Blend’s Re-edit)
28. Scottie B – ‘Niggaz Fightin’
29. Drums Of Death – ‘Breathe’ (Curses Remix)

Thugs N Hugs Reload Mixtape (direct link)

Here are some patchwork pirate approved tracks, one a new cut by Drums of Death and the other a remix of Ludacris by Cabin Bwoy

Drums of Death – Cursed by Magic / ysi

Ludacris – Ultimate Satisfaction (Cabin Bwoy Refix) / ysi

Keeping proceedings on a somewhat rowdy level, monsiuer wrongthomas sent through a short mixup he done did of mostly club music (as in baltimore) and attached his apologies for including Justice vs Simian, though personal prejudices think some sort of apology for the presence of the Flaming bloody Lips should also have been proffered.

However he promptly jetted of to New York and hung out with shoddy Hollywood directors (a story for another day) and watching Rambo whilst lean, The Wire and general mischef in a social situation came between said mixtape and these ears until now

wrongtom Faze 2 Club Mix tracklist

Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band – The Intro And The Outro
Dave Nada – Kick Out The Jams
Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Herve Mix)
Dj Ayres – Move On Up”
Dj Edgar – Caracao Do Funk
Dj Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground (A Capella)
Uffie – Hot Chick
Nuyorican Soul – It’s Alright
Xxxchange – The Knife Edit”
Five Deez – Bmw (A Capella)
Poison Clan – Dance All Night
Juiceboxxx And Dre Skull – Sweat
Tittsworth – T’s Diner
Mc Gringo – Berimbal
Kid Sister – Damn Girl (A Capella)
Daedelus – Sundown (Diplo Mix)
Simian – Never Be Alone (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends
Busta Rhymes – Touch It (A Capella)
Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 9
Scottie B – Club Medley
Flaming Lips – It Overtakes Me
Flaming Lips – I’m Afraid Of Dying… Aren’t You?
Doug Lazy – Let It Roll (Lazypella)

Wrongtom – Faze 2 Club Mix

Expensive Sadness

March 9, 2008

Hot on the heels of their URA Fever remix, la la land production team Nite Cells have given Cheap & Cheerful, the next single from The Kills a similar facelift – real nice nice distorted wompwomp electro/house business – wait for the synth to kick in around the two minute mark – good gosh!

The Kills – Cheap & Cheerful (Nite Cells Bored Robot Remix) / ysi

Reputation or Noteriety?

March 9, 2008

The Slutty Fringe editorial is sucker for girls that play instruments, especially if they have interesting hair – step forward Australian indie mindies Teenagers in Tokyo, who spent the last year getting word love from all the right places – the more discerning mp3 blogs such as BigStereo and the more angular printed publications like FACT.

Now they have signed to BackYard Recordings, home to Teh Gossips and Roger Troutmann revivalists Chromeo it’s entirely within the realms of being possible that Teenagers in Tokyo will crossover into the conscience of the unwashed masses who rely on vacuous Radio One personalities to tell them what they should like (yes you Jo Whiley)

The schoolboy humour inherent in acronyming their name to TIT is not lost on us either

Teenagers In Tokyo – Very Vampyr / ysi

Teenagers In Tokyo – End It Tonight / ysi

Happy House

March 9, 2008

Despite being bang into raps about green and dead presidents over a Parliament sample as a yoot, the musical style of hipshops has not really been getting much speakertime round here for something like 462 days.

Occasional joyful transmissions of KMD aside, it’s all apologising to my hangover because the volume was just a bit too high for that LA Riots edit of the SebastiAn remix we leached off fluohhhkeeeeds or sighing gently at the lovely voice on the latest nice girl wot plays music – Lykke Li at the moment – or indulging the inner disco by spending a few pennys short of a tenner on some obscure imported edit. Ears are willing to hear new sounds regardless of genre though, and the hip and the hop in more uptempo variations have been jacking the airtime at Slutty Fringe towers just now.

People should know all about Glaswegian whipper snapper Rustie after his hiphopinnadubstep Jagz The Smack EP made thems that know do a sex wee. Since then Rustie has put out some splendid bmore rerubs of hipshops on the excellent Dre$$ 2 $weat imprint (buy here and get the new Rod Lee EP on the same label while you are at it)

He has new EP, called Cafe De Phresh on Stuff Records which is brimming with excellent aquacrunkstep production – with Patrick Ewing being a particular favourite (this might be cos I used to rock BK Patrick Ewings and support the NY Knicks)

Here are some bmore re/fixes Rustie done did of hiphoppers Clipse and Hurricane Chris, we’re not posting anything off Cafe De Phresh cos Stuff Records will prolly want to plant a Glasgow Kiss on us or fry us in batter for such flagrant piracy – please support Stuff Records and pick up the Cafe De Phresh EP which is out in April.

Clipse – Mr Me Too (Rustie Club Edit) / ysi

Hurricane Chris – A Bay Bay (Rustie Club Edit) / ysi

Cadence Weapon has a new album out on Big Dada this week or next amusingly titled Afterparty Babies. It’s kinda crazy (in goodgoodway) how Rollie has blown up – I remember reading his mp3 blog Razor Blade Runner back in the day when there was only like a handful of them, it always had upfront tracks that were not the sort of things that get posted by everyone and his style of writing was really fucken funny.

Anyway we’ve not heard the album proper because we’re not on Ninja’s promo list *cough*cough* but a two tracker taster EP did get tossed in this general direction – two specimens of certified party banger material

Cadence Weapon – House Music / ysi

Cadence Weapon – This Is For The Youth Crew / ysi

In a amazing coincidence London producer A1 Bassline just sent me a remix he done did of House Music which is steeped in the wonky bassline house sound that is currently in vogue right now – be sure to get the remixes he done of Fagget Fairies and Penis vs Vagina from the splendid Palmsout

Cadence Weapon – House Music (A1 Bassline Remix) / ysi

Finally, my bol Hint sent me a remix he done did of the Al Fatz track Came Down which appears to combine some plinky pianos and the sound of a baby bird chirping – this can only be a good thing

Al Fatz – Came Down (hint remix) / ysi

Any Colour You Like

March 9, 2008


After an absolute age the Flagrant Fowl alt folk meets detroit techno dustup mix cd Tambourine Dream finally dropped a few weeks back – being staunch supporters of anything indeliably marked by Cousin Cole or Pocketknife, both the vinyl sampler and cd proper were promptly snapped up.

More people need this cd in their lives – cop this unmixed version of the Pocketknife re/touch of high pitched imp Joanna Newsom from the cd as it is all the encouragement you need to head over to Piccadilly Records and order a copy

Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right On (Pocketknife Scowling Owl Remix) / ysi

Sell This For Drug Addiction

March 5, 2008

Not letting the fact Atlantic Records recently put the kibosh on his remix for the unwarranted return of the eversosilly named Get Cape Wear Cape Fly send him into a huff, rising electrohouse producer Plimsouls has been busy in the studio and come up with some more niceness for the feet.

Praise to the Broken Hookers for dropping the Plimsouls Theme in their most recent podcast as it jogged my memory about how fucken brilliant it is as the wind tried to suck me into the Thames on the saunter home last night.

Plimsouls – Plimsouls Theme / ysi

Plimsouls – Contact / ysi

Be on the look out for Plimsouls on the refix for Miss Odd Kidd and Alphabeat soons!

A Lesson In Simple Mathematics

March 4, 2008

Ghost Frequency x Zombie Disco Squad = Extra Extra Good Looks All Round

Ghost Frequency – Never Before (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) / ysi

Hereby ends your lesson for the day

Cherry Lipgloss Stains

March 4, 2008

Those of you who found the energy to dance with pretty young things on a Monday night at Durrr will have been lucky enough to catch the rather splendid Dublin DJ Arveene on the decks last night.

To thems that don’t know, Arveene is seen by thems that do know as the finest DJ to spring out of Ireland over the last decade and has been very busy of late in the studio spreading sound love on tracks by Yo Majesty, Majik Johnson, Fil OK, Husky Rescue Deluka and The Glass.

Arveene got in touch recently and sent through a shedload of remixes and productions for feature on these here hallowed pages but unfortunately the weekend kind of escaped from the clutches of the Slutty Fringe editorial and we did not get a chance to stick them allup before his tour of some of England’s more angular nights kicked off – Sorry Mr Arveene

Peoples in Manchester and Sheffield can still catch him this week ast Mo Ho live and Bungalows & Bears respectively and he is also gracing The Amersham and Lock Tavern with his presence of the weekend, before heading up to Brizzle next week

Anyhoo here is a 30 minute live mix from Arveene and Misk from the band Splitloop

Arveene & Misk – 30 Minute Live Mix

and here are loads of remixes and productions Arveen and Misk have done, some unreleased and some more familiar to the the cultured ear. The Yo Majesty effort in particular is pretty special.

Arveene & Misk – Rave Against The Arveene
Arveene & Misk – Battlescars Gallactica
Splitloop Ft. Arveene – Release Remove
Director – Be With You (Arveene & Misk Remix)
The Glass – Mad At You (Arveene & Misk Remix)
Huskey Rescue – Shadow Run (Arveene & Misk Remix)
Yo Majesty V Arveene & Misk – Club Action v Club Traction