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Faded Beach Towels

February 27, 2008


Whilst the Slutty Fringe editorial has been busy offending old women and almost getting thrown out of nightclubs (both long stories) a little slice of remix heat has dropped on us.

Ghost Frequency – Never Before (Cutting Pink With Knives Remix)

The Bell – Target Group (Mixhell Remix)

Roisin Murphy – You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)

Roisin Murphy – You Know Me Better (Toddla T Remix)

The Fire & Reason – NME (Toxic Avenger Remix)

Faker – The Heart Attack (Miami Horror Remix)

Grafton Primary – I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)

Who Could Forget White Night Two?

February 27, 2008

Monday sees the release of Forgotten Nights, the latest single to be gleaned from the excellent Pepe Deluxe album Spare Time Machine which has had plenty of loving words attached to it on these here pages.

As a wee promo for the release, Catskills dropped a Pepe Deluxe mixtape on us which is fresh out of the oven and is twemty minutes of psyched out bluesy kraut tinged shockrock songs
Twenty Minutes With Pepe Deluxe t/l

1. Michel Polnareff – La Mouche
2. The Stance Brothers – Roll Call
3. Travis Wammack – Scratchy
4. Takeshi Terauchi – For Elise
5. Howlin’ Wolf – Evil
6. Cold Blood – Kissing My Love
7. Focus – Hocus Pocus
8. The Last Chord – Ride The Carpet
9. Sagor & Swing – Flickan Och Jätten
10. Ananda Shankar – The Streets Of Calcutta
11. Dungen – Panda
12. Rony & The Loafers – Se Jokin Sinulla O

Download Here

Keeping the mixtapes on the weird side, one of my favourite past times of recent months has been trying to coax a positive opinion about the state of dance music out of personal friend, professional curmudgeon and man of many names DrumCircleShit who was once part of Bastard Pop ensemble Frenchbloke & Son. Check out his current excusions into noise here.

An excellent selector of records, he invariably has detailed exactly why he hates every single record I play (which is usually the role the general public plays) Eventually a gauntlet of sorts was thrown in his face and a challenge to record a mix of his favourite garage punk/rockabilly oddities.

Sadly, it appears more feasible to get a rock to donate blood than have him conjure up a new mixtape but the cheeky Scotsman did up a excellent mix from the vaults which has to be shared.

Dr. Sun Love – Rock Is A Generic Term

Portsmouth Sinfonia – Also Sprach Zarathustra
McLusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
The Young Gods – Envoye
The Exploited – Dead Cities
Melt Banana – ?
Napalm Death – You Suffer
Kim Foley – ?
Kim Fowley – Bubblegum
Bob Log III – Boob Scotch
Hasil Adkins – ?
Andre Williams – Bacon Fat
The Sonics – Shot Down
Shellac – Jailbreak
Ten Benson – One Way Ticket
The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind
People Like Us & Jet Black Hair People – One / Lucia Pamela voice excepts
Dokaka – Angel Of Death
Hank Williams – Angel Of Death
? – Angel Of Death
? – Angel Of Death
Apocalyptica – Enter Sandman
Satyricon – I Got Erection (intro)
Turbonegro – I Got Erection
The Kronos Quartet – Purple Haze
Sonovac – Human Fly
Ten Benson – Rock Cottage
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Come To Daddy
Spacemen 3 – Revolution
Minutemen – This Ain’t No Picnic
The Avengers – Paint It Black
The Ukrainians – Anarchy In The UK

Download here

Finally go and touch Allez Allez and get your grope on an excellent cosmic dust disco mix from rising producer Tronik Youth – shit is tight!

When Chic Were Neek

February 27, 2008

Young producer/rapper Goldielocks has been bubbling under for the best part of twelve months now, threatening to unleash her rowdy styles on the general unwashed. Good news people – April 7th sees the release of Double A side single Wasteman and Neek Chic on digital and vinyl formats through Locked On Records.

The uninitiated can glimspe a peep of what to expect with the video for Wasteman below.

Given that Goldielocks has been known to press buttons in her studio for the likes of Miss Odd Kidd, Tinchy Stryder and good gosh Kate Nash, it’s entirely possible that big things happen for her very soon

When Four Loves Four

February 23, 2008


My hangover really wasn’t ready for the extreme nastiness that drops around a minute or so into this Destroy Disco remix of the Ghost Frequency track Never Before….

Ghost Frequency – Never Before (Destroy Disco Remix) / ysi

Look out for remixes of this track by the good Zombie Disco Squad and Cutting Pink With Knives soon.

A bonus of Ghost Freqeuncy portions can be found in the shape of a mix that young Barney from the band sent through the other week but slipped under the carpet (or some other excuse)

We Hate You – Fuck Off Moss Mix tracklist

Diplo – Goldigger
187 Lockdown – Gunman – (Twocker Remix)
Malente – Shuga
Jamie Ferguson – HOw We Like it
Bass Kleph – 12 Inch Therapy – Dirty Ows mix
Crookers – Push It – Ursula Remix
Superstyle Deluxe – Meat Cake
Soft Tigers – Ice Cream – (Waxmaster)
Bonde De Role – Gasolina – (FakeBlood)
Andy George – Big Dipper
Solid Groove – THis is Sick – ( Yeah! Woho! Remix)
Kevin Mark Trail – Perspective – (Mad Skillz Remix)
Rob Reng – Soda – KI and bumboy wehateyou re-rub-a-dub
Digtal Filth – Krusher
Funkasaurus – Work Dis – (Flore)
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night – (Laid Back Luke Bootleg)
Destroy Disco – Fly or Bounce

We Hate You – Fuck Off Moss Mixx

By the way, consider this a reccomendation to reach out and touch Fluokids for a rather excellent remix by Rory Phillips of The Teenagers – it’s quite nice to see Mr Casper Floukids sparing some time from developing a beard and playing Ableton techno in clubs to write some words

Principles Of Geometry

February 21, 2008


Tommorow evening is being spent in Norf Wheezy London at the ever excellent Death To All Cultural Snitches night down Westbourne Park in the loving company of bearded French genius Joakim and the DTACS residents.

For those unable to reach, here is a mix from residents Alex and Henry that is a perfect example of how they do – Perhaps you could listen to it whilst gazing longingly at your copy of Drumtrax and wonder what could have been?

DTACS Tuniversity Challenge Mixxx trcklst

Emperor Machine- Slap On
Alexander Robotnik-Disco Sick(Tensnake emix)
Hercules & Love Affair- Blind(Hercules’ Club Mix)
Discodeine- Tema Di Gamma
Mock ‘n’ Toof- Woof
The Glimmers- Time For Action
Justus Koehncke- Molybdan
Truffle Club- Gone Blue
Nemesi- Jurassico (Prins Thomas Miks)
Shocking Pinks- Cutout(Expanding Head Band Version)
Telespazio- Galileo(Rodion Remix)
Discodeine- Ring Mutilation
Metro Area- Erodyne
Moonstarr- Detroit
Atjazz_ It’s Complete(Chateau Flight’s Darkside Mix)
Fredo Viola- The Sad Song(Roland Appel Remix)
Future Beat Investigators- All I Want
Luke Hess- Believe & Receive

dwnld divshare / ysi

Have nice weekend!

This Trumpet In My Head

February 21, 2008

It seems like an absolute age since New York producers Streetlab were last featured on these pages, but some of their new remixes just landed at our feet so it’s time to change that.

First up is C.Y.O.A. by Hearts Revolution (shoutouts to IHeartComix!) who have seemingly been remixed by at least 63% of the internet since Frankie Chan opened the track up for remix. Streetlab give the track a danceflor twerk, toning down the feedback and putting a nice looking electrohouse hat on it

Hearts – Revolution – C.Y.O.A. (Streetlab Remix) / ysi

Look out for the CYOA! remix 12″ in a few weeks with remixes by Brodinski, Lazaro Casanova, CFCF, Lauren Flax and Dan Oh [competition winner] and artwork by talented miss Kate Moross

Streetlab also took apart Hot Chip album track One Pure Thought and put it back together again – comment on how different it is to the original cannot be made as the Hot Chip album Made In The Dark has not yet graced the bassbins at Slutty Fringe Towers.

However, this remix would definitely work as a good soundtrack for the moment you decide to sidle up and dance with that girl with the brunette curls and vintage Jordan top you were exchanging flirtatious glances with at the bar.

Hot Chip – One Pure Thought (Streetlab Remix) / ysi

How Do You Plead?

February 16, 2008

After picking up and caning the two rather specials EPs of post punk/acid house/shoegaze edits put out by the mysterious Burglar Tom, the Slutty Fringe editorial decided to attempt contact and propose a mixtape of sorts.

Unfortunately due to various factors, time was one thing Burglar Tom could not spare. Being the sporting type however, he did send through some tracks from the two EPs for the hypem huggers to get their ears around – all these tracks have been tweaked and nuanced for maximum hip movement

Bush Tetras – Snakes Crawl (Burglar Tom Edit) / ysi

New Order – Your Silent Face (Burglar Tom Edit) / ysi

Joy Division – Means To An End – Does The Trick (Burglar Tom Edit) / ysi

Pixies – C’est Bon (Burglar Tom Edit) / ysi

You can still purchase both EPs from Piccadilly Records a course of action that comes highly recommended. We hope too at some point in the near future to have a mixtape from Burglar Tom….

Bangalter Didn’t Show Us Any Love….

February 15, 2008


You almost feel sorry for Tirk Records, no sooner do they put out one or two tracks by a promising artist than they get poached by bigger label with Modular tealeafing NYPC and DFA enticing Syclops away. Thankfully Tirk always seem to have something up their sleeve to compensate for such losses.

Last year they put out an album by Blockheads guitarist Chaz Jankel which was slept on big time, however Tirk are kicking off 2008 with the release of Get Myself Together as a single on March 10th, backed with some big remix action from Hercules & Love Affair who contributes two remixes, both very different and both very excellent. Head over to 20JFG to hear the HercHouse effort

More exciting for these ears however is a re/edit of Glad To Know You by klondike disco genius Todd Terje which stretches out the original and places the paino hook at the centre of your attention.

Chaz Jankel – Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit)

(p.s. Tirk tell Greg Wilson to finish his Credit To The Edit 2 already!)

In a Ian Dury & The Blockheads shaped segue, there is a splendid 12” mix of the classic Spasticus Autisticus on the new Strut compilation Funky Nassau – The Compass Point Story 1980 – 86 which musically documents the golden era of producer Chris Blackwell’s Compass Point studios in the Bahamas.

Split between some extended versions of tracks you will know such as Grace Jones’ My Jamaican Guy and ever smile inducing Genius Of Love from Tom Tom Club and some serious 80s boogie tracks which you always wondered what they were when you saw Greg Wilson DJ.

The only real duff note on the album is a Bob Marley cover from Lizzy Mercier Descloux which ends so abruptly it’s almost like she knew it was going rotten and decided to walk out the studio.

Funky Nassau is released on March 17th, by which time it will have probably knackered up my ipod the amount of times it has been played. Here is the track off the album which is getting bumped most at the moment.

Guy Cuevas – Obsession (The Nassau Mix)

Finally some new D-I-R-T-Y disco edits – well not so new as they were sent through the other week but it’s been all about getting a bit too niceup on rum the past week or so and they’ve only just been listened to these past few days.

It’s Pilooski again on the edit board taking on unknowns Del Shannon and Danny Gold with his Pointer Sisters edit from last year also being included on the release – For these ears it is all about the Del Shannon track which is some sixties motown inflected techno madness

Del Shannon – Gemini (Pilooski Edit)

Be sure to check the two D-I-R-T-Y soundsytem promo mixes too – they have one over at the excellent Lovefingers and the other is here

February’s Ear Candy

February 13, 2008

Hereby follows a list of what has been keeping the ears happy (if not the neighbours) at Slutty Fringe HQ – some are tracks, some are EPs, some are albums. Some are out there, some are not – Links are provided where possible to BUY!

1 Del Shannon – Gemini (Pilooski edit) //D-I-R-T-Y
2 V/A – Funky Nassau – The Compass Point Story //Strut
3 Syclops – Where’s Jason K/Monkey Puss //DFA
4 Nitedog & Lovefingers – Black Disco Vol 1 //Black Disco
5 Chaz Jankel – Get Myself Together (HercBump Mix) //Tirk
6 Lykke Li – Youth Novels //Moshi Moshi
7 Secret Bob – Oyster La Vista! Baby //Lobster Disques
8 Cousin Cole & Pocketknife – Tambourine Dream //Flamin Hotz
9 Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat //White Label
10 Trus’me – Working Nights //Fat City Records
11 Burglar Tom – Burglar Tom Edits Vol 2 //White Label
12 Lottergirls – Love Is Dope (Diskokaine Remix) //TNT Records
13 Inflagranti – Grand Central Shuffle //Codek
14 Mock N Toof – BlackJub (D. Jesrani Hot Seat Mix) //Tiny Sticks
15 Strip Steve – Skip School EP – Boys Noize

Break Some Hearts

February 13, 2008

After a somewhat impressive 2007 in which Man Recordings topped many a DJ chart with the Baile Funk Masters and Funk Mundial series two releases have come in quick succession over the past few weeks.

A wee seven inch collaboration between yon Diplo and Deize Tigrona dropped not seven days ago and Mondays sees the next installment in the Baile Funk Masters series compiled by veteran producer Amazing Clay. Clay started djing back in 1980! And still plays five parties a week now, as well as producing a slew of big artists on the scene, most notably MC Gringo whose recent album recieved nuff plaudits from dedicated Baile Funk followers.

Amazing Clay’s edition of the Baile Funk Master’s series packs a whole eight tracks onto two sides of vinyl, and label boss Daniel Haaksman was splendid enough to hook Slutty Fringe up with a taster track which is two and a bit minutes of typical rio funk madness and a good indicator of what to expect.

Amazing Clay – Montagem Pela Ultima Vez / ysi

Daniel also sent through a DJ mix by Amazing Clay which is 30 minutes of what is popping right now in Rio – no tracklist on this puppy though

Man Recordings Presents DJ Amazing Clay In The Mix

Be sure to check the new Man Recorder blog and read the interview Daniel did with my boy Power over at h0t sauce

Broad Cake

February 6, 2008

One of the more pleasant surprises of last years Hot Chip contribution to the DJ Kicks canon was the inclusion of lost curio Short Road by Wax Stag– a track that was some three years old by this time but was definitely one of the “shout out what the fuck is this track? and then realise you’re on a packed tube with two perplexed German tourists for immediate company” moments.

For an indepth explanation of how it came to be included check this FACT interview.

Fledgling label People In The Sky (responsible for those excellent Friendly Fires remixes from late last year) have signed Wax Stag up for an album but before that drops Short Road is getting re/released with along with some remixes.

Wax Stag himself contributes a splendid 80s boogie refix, whilst Eastern European body builders Metal on Metal carry where they left off with their Bloc Party remix – all noisey riffs, heavy basslines and cut up drums.

Wax Stag – Short Road (Wax Stag Remix) / ysi

The Short Road EP drops on 12” vinyl and download formats on March 24th – watch out for the Wax Stag longplayer in the summer.

Girls On Film

February 5, 2008

After securing releases on Dirtybird and Front Room, Riva Starr has now hitched a ride to Southern Fried Records, also home to the new Crookers release (serious croosover potential on the Knobbers EP)

He has just recently completed a tough remix of Mandy Van Helden‘s J’etaime (as featured in that heavy ZDS mix that posted a minute ago) and is on the cusp of dropping his new EP for the label, Scratch N Itch.

To whet appetites Riva put together a little 5 minute mix that contains elements of all four tracks included on the EP – These are big with Erol Alkan, Hannah Holland & Crookers so don’t sleep!

Riva Starr – Scratch N Itch Preview Mix / ysi

Head over to Poppa Discobelle to hear Riva Starr’s latest mix

Sandpaper Kisses

February 4, 2008

Any frequent passers by will know The Kills are much loved round these parts. And it’s pretty clear that any remixes that mangle the original track into something completely different are much loved too.

Despite this, we would never expect such a radical (and splendid) reimaging of URA Fever as the one sent through by fledgling Cali producers Nite Cells which is all about the heavy synths and crunching electrohouse noise. Good Looks All Round

The Kills – URA Fever (IMA Fever Nite Cells Remix) / ysi

Gold For The Price Of Silver

February 4, 2008

Praise Be! The Keepup! collective have finally got their act together and put out some vinyl after years of hollow threats and what a little dish of peaches and cream it is.

Over seven inches of vinyl the Keepup! production talents are put in the shop window with a uptempo funk nugget with live drums and lots of excellent brass and keys from Tom Central on one side backed with a lovely instrumental hiphop number by Lopez – comprising of three Paraguayans based in the provincial niceness of Tooting and big with Toddla T

Shit dropped on vinyl today – gets it here, here or here – but the Keepup! peeps dropped some mp3s for Slutty Fringe to share (for a week mind)

Tom Central – The World Famous (direct link) ysi

Lopez – Donde (direct link) ysi

If these tickle your pickle you know where to look for the seven inches of splendid sound. However should you serato/ableton heads prefer some criss mp3 versions I have been told a polite email to this address would be advised.

If Money Was No Object

February 4, 2008

The good Zombie Disco Squad have just put together a splendid new mix for general ear consumption and nudged it in the direction of Slutty Fringe to spread the word. As per it’s 60 minutes of typically demented bass heavy speaker worriers.

Want To Get Rich Tracklist

Drunk Dutch Guy Intro
When Saints Go Machine – Kids On Vacation (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Rainer Weichold – Bamboo
The Martin Brothers – Venus Fly Trap
Natural Rhythm – Mumblemouth (Style Of Eye Less Talk Remix)
Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse
Wtf – Chicken
Riva Starr – House Music
Santiago & Bushido – Head Trick
Dada Life – Sweeter Than Fever (Style Of Eye)
Worthy – Les Tard
Oliver $ -Mesh Mallow
Armand Van Helden – Je T’aime(Riva Starr Acid 80 Remix)

download Zombie Disco Squad – Want To Be Rich mix

ZDs has stepped up their production game of late, the When Saints Go Machine remix featured in this mix can be copped from the Gutter Broadcast blog and they have refixes of Ghost Frequency and Gameboy/Gamegirl in the oven cooking nicely.

If you find your feet in East London this Saturday it would be silly not to direct them towards Get Rude @ Catch with special guests Lee Mortimer and NikNikNik who is like twelve years old or something.