Life Is Sooo Good To Me

August 17, 2009

DJ Hell, or Hell when he’s no Djing, or Helmut to his Mutter, seems to be taking over my head at the moment.

Always found him a somewhat amusing character, sort of like a flamboyant uncle from Berlin with interesting friends your moms didn’t like to discuss (seem to recall him having a transvestite as a muse during the last embers of electroclash)

But never paid much attention to the International Deejay Gigolo label boss’ music, other than cursing him for putting out  Sunglassess At Night back in 2002.

However, his fourth album Teufelswerk released back in April has got right under my skin of late, with even the vague Day and Night concept behind the album not posing a barrier.

(Hate Concept Albums)

Thanks mostly to P Diddys vocal contribution, several certified haus bngrs and witty titles like I Prefer Women Anyway that complement the kosmicheness of Day, Teufelswerk is one of a few albums from the first six months of this year yet to be knocked off my ipod by the likes of The xx, Wevvers, Health, Pens and the LCD SS 45 33 Remixes.

Subsequent to the earhog of Teufelswerk is the current love for the awesome 18 minute Playgroup remix of Hells Kitchen which is so completely epic it would be impossible to top but for the news that Radioslave has conjured a 28 minute (yes that’s right) chugathon remix of The DJ.

Piqued by Helmut’s hold on my musical train of thought, I recently dusted off my copy of International Deejay Gigolos Vol 11 that had formed part of the great promo cd mountain that casts a mean shadow at Slutty Fringe HQ.

Quite glad I did too as it contains some right good house/techno/electro/delete as appropriate and add new pigeon hole from the likes of Abe Duque, Seelenluft, Henrik Schwarz and a calvacade of peeps whose names have the Vienna effect on me.

Amongst these is this awesome back to basics house track from Heib called Jackpot that combines vocals vaguely remiscent of Lil Louis’ Blackout with crashing symbols, plinky plonky synths, off key drum beats, farty bass and ACID and clearly wasn’t closer to my nu disco radar upon it’s release last year…

Heib – Jackpot

If you like the idea of spending money on music Slutty Fringe is quite happy to recommend both Teufelswerk and IDJG Vol 11.

ps  Sorry for the long winded post


6 Responses to “Life Is Sooo Good To Me”

  1. james Says:

    i like that image a lot for obvious reasons

  2. camoscrawl Says:

    I bought the playgroup remix purely on the basis it was 18 minutes long.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Yeah, where did you get that image? Is there a bigger version? Right now it’s too small to use it as my desktop.

  4. great post great image

  5. a bum musician likes your bum images

  6. Thought you might like to know that the photograph is “The 3 UV Bums” by Robert Babylon – if it’s good enough to use it’s good enough to credit!

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